The Nemean religion

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In Nemea the predominant religion is the belief of Akbeth and his chosen Pantheon.

With the cultural mix between the various races that habitat Nemea, it`s small wonder that the religion is a very open-minded cultural meltingpot and as such has adopted many gods from various races and subcultures.

At the head of the Pantheon, however, there are the 12 most dominant gods, and as their ruler is father Akbeth himself.

The Nemean Gods are as follows:

Akbeth, Father of the Gods
Eolia, Goddess of the Sea
Kesmet, God of the Underworld
Demosan, God of War
Acres, God of the Hunt
Aves, God of the Smithy
Rashon, God of Healing
Chasun, Twin God of Nature, Creator
Noran, Goddess of Wisdom
Sastra, Goddess of Wealth
Nal, the Muse, Goddess of Art
Nemea, Twin Goddess of Nature, Goddess of the Hearth

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