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Aves is one of the elderly gods in the Nemean pantheon. In fact some believe he could even be the very oldest one. He’s often described as a stout old dwarf-like figure with a sturdy stature and a piercing glare of confidence and honour.

There’s a saying that if you want to execute revenge upon those who’ve dishonoured you, pray to Aves and he’ll grant the worthy a resolve equal to the very mountains.

He’s the god of the smithing and the patron god of all the dwarves. He’s often pictured standing near a furnace, anvil or similar items, often wielding an adorned smith’s hammer of crafting.

Since Aves pride is described as close to the extreme, it’s said that he never forgets a grudge, and that he never settles until proper revenge has been paid back in full. Such characteristics are very similar to the racial traits of the dwarven societies as well, proving the strong influence between the two.

If there’s anything Aves dislikes, it is dishonourable oppression and abuse, but long periods of stalemates and peace is not his way either, in which he’d grow restless and bored. Wars and turmoil is one of the greatest motivators of ingenious crafting after all, and without such aspects the development in the art of smithing would surely vain.

Aves followers consists mostly of dwarves, but devout craftsmen from all races wanting his blessings, inspiration and knowledge in their trade or those seeking the favourable resolve to help finish difficult tasks can be found amongst his followers.

His symbol is that of a dwarven smith’s hammer clashing against a fiery hot anvil.

Part of The Nemean religion

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