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Eolia is one of the elder gods, and is a very temperamental goddess. She is often depicted in one of two forms; either as a beautiful mermaid or as a repulsive water hag. This to illustrate the dual sides of the treacherous waters at sea which frequently claim many lives along with the freedom, prosperity and adventure it grants to those successfully travelling the waves.

While she can change mood very quickly, those that manage to stay on her good side for a long period of time find that she can be a very powerful ally to have. There are many though that only pray for her blessings in order to avoid her anger at sea. Her most devout followers are often found amongst sea travelling merchants, drifters and pirate menaces. There’s furthermore a special bond between Eolia and the seafaring elves.

Her symbol is often a giant wave of water.

Part of The Nemean religion

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