Nal, the Muse

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Nal is the second of the three true daughters of Akbeth and Nemea. Nal was born without eyes but she seems to have some inherent clairvoyant spectral sight through which she senses the world. As such she’s often depicted as a tall and young borderlander female in a light seer’s robe and wearing a blindfold over her missing eyes.

Proclaiming with her special sight that all things in the world are in unison and connected, and that she still sees and promotes the beauty in how a dance, song or artwork can sway the hearts of the viewers to influence and shape the outcome of a seemingly irrelevant action later on. After all, a duel is nothing short of a dance between fighters and war strategies are pictured and planned from the mind images of generals.

Furthermore she, as one of the few, seems to hold a close and warm relationship with the elder god Kesmet.

The ideals of Nal shape the mindset of her followers, where they too try to see the bigger picture in how all things are connected and how to influence the world through their creativity, actions and creations.

By this you can also see her disdain for the undead and other abominations, along with many of the other gods, where things have been jerked away from their normal state in nature's harmony.

Worshippers of Nal can really be found in all aspects and occupations throughout Nemea. Similar to how everything was connected, the worship to better understand the harmony and how to interact with it is everywhere.

Her symbol is that of a large golden harp, which is also said to be the strings of fate being played upon.

Part of The Nemean religion

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