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Noran is most often depicted as an older, but still beautiful borderlander, much like her father Akbeth. Legends about her are few indeed, but the few tales that do speak out of the darkness of ages bear sayings of heroic struggles against a nameless foe. The legends always speak of her as never being far from her father Akbeth's side. Some believe that it was partly because of this that Akbeth decided to spare and revive Demosan, to act as support and guardian to his daughter Noran, whom he would wed to be his wife after his ascension. But many reject that Akbeth would be that immensely powerful to have the ability to look into the very future.

With Noran’s close relationship and resemblance to her father, the strong affinity for magic isn’t far behind. Noran doesn’t however wield the scorching and raw magic of Akbeth, rather she developed ways to weave the raw power into structured forms, granting magic filaments able to be easily thought and used to enchant items and scrolls with their lasting power. As such many believe Noran to be the real founder of magic as people know it. Magic that can be learned and used by mortal men and women.

Worship of Noran is seldom practiced by the common folk, but the ruling class and Mages' Guilds put great faith in her. Her figure is part of the royal seal of Nemea, and the form of her symbol is often found embossed on spellbooks, invoking her presence and to watch over the bearer of the book.

Noran also seems to have a special relationship with the elves, especially those of the Tiram-Ag.

Her symbol is that of a full moon, transfixed by a wand. Whether this is connected to the waning moon of Kesmet or just a coincidence is uncertain.

Part of The Nemean religion

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