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Despite being the youngest God in the Nemean Pantheon, as the child of Demosan and Noran, he’s often depicted as an old and seemingly wise man of uncertain race. Due to the nature of his blood derived from the structured magic of his mother and ultimately from the raw magic powers of grandfather Akbeth himself, Rashon is naturally well endowed in the ways of magic, which he has specialized into the arts of healing.

Some say this is to counteract and redeem the hurting and pains that his father brings upon the races in his searching for new heroes alike to him to test their prowess in battle. Due to this father Demosan feels a disdain for his son and his caring for the weak and wounded, and distances himself from him further and further and has now nearly shunned his son entirely, to the increasing dismay of Akbeth.

Rashon similarly feels a disdain for his father’s simple-minded violence and his distance and boredom regarding anything but battles and war, this to such extend that he’s said to not lend his powers and blessings to any person like this among the mortals. At times there are great conflicts between the two.

The most prominent among Rashon’s followers are the Priests of Rashon, who with their god’s blessing may cure wounds and sicknesses thought far beyond restoration. He’s well liked among most races and social structures though, since many pray to him to ward against illness and harm in their daily life.

His symbol is a serpent entwined about a branch, with a dove seated on its tip. Some say that the branch is part of the Tree of Life and that Rashon is somehow connected to it.

Part of The Nemean religion

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