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Chasun is the male God of nature, and shares this domain with his twin sister Nemea.

Chasun is sometimes called the Creator, or god of Creation, since he's the one who's believed to have molded the land, planted the forests and shaped the mountains. But as such he also embodies the destructive sides of nature and the elements; with fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and blizzards.

For his powers many races have come to fear Chasun, and he's prayed to more in fear and in order to get his blessing instead of his anger. Much like the way seafarers pray for Eolia's blessing before travelling by sea.

Those who've come to realize the cycle of life knows though that things must be destroyed in order for new things to take its place, it's the ultimate course of all things and a natural progression of nature. Maybe best illustrated by the known fact that burnt down forests will nutrient the seeds of a new one.

Chasun seem to have a very special relationship with the leader of the Gods, Akbeth, it’s uncertain of the nature of the relationship though, as Chasun is secluded and don’t frequent the Pantheon; but rather goes about his business in the outer lands. Sometimes it’s witnessed that he collaborates with elder god Eolia and Acres though. In general it would almost seem like Chasun have a nourishing relationship to Acres, as the woodlands and hillsides Acres hunt within are always lush and full of game. Though none of these relationships come close to the peculiar bound he has with his twin sister, Nemea, as they so fully complement each other that you could believe that they’re two parts of one whole.

Chasun have an intense hate for the undead and similar abominations that disrupts his sense of nature and its course of life, death and rebirth.

His most loyal followers are found amongst the shamans and especially the woodlander tribes, who can understand the cycle of life in a much deeper sense then most.

His symbol is that of a single flame, something destructive and cleansing while also a source of nourishing.

Part of The Nemean religion

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