Nemea, Goddess

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Nemea is the female god of Nature and shares this domain with her twin brother Chasun. Furthermore she is the wife of Akbeth and mother of Noran, Nal and Sastra.

Whereas Chasun is mostly understood as the destroyer of things, making way for what's new to come, Nemea is the actual grower and gardener of life and nature. Caring and nursing for all things, she's known as a goddess of peace and pacifism; since all things hold life, all things are dear to her and deserve the chance to strive to live to the best of their potential.

She's the saviour of these lands from an age of disorder and chaos now long past, but she still has a very special place in history and in the hearts of the inhabitants, who still sometimes refer to her as the goddess of the Heart. She's popular in prayers before weddings and in ceremonies to bless newborn children, praying for the ongoing care and support of 'mother' Nemea's watchful eyes.

Nemea has a close relationship with her grandson Rashon in healing and nurturing and with her daughter Nal to influence and guide the lives of people to strive as high as they can and achieve greatness.

Her symbol is that of a blossoming branch from the Tree of Life.

Part of The Nemean religion

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