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Sastra is the youngest of the three true daughters of Akbeth and Nemea. She is believed to control the flow of wealth and prosperity and generally all things associated with currency such as charity but also greed, poverty and jealousy. However, she is rather unique among the pantheon gods in that her actual form is seldom shown in the temples devoted to her.

In the few images of her that appear, she is shown as a beautiful woman excessively covered in jewels and gold. She might be the overall least mentioned among the gods, as she prefers to work behind the scenes, orchestrating things to meet her own ends.

Her worshippers tend to be drawn from the extremes of both the highest and lowest of social classes. Rich merchants and poor thieves both worship this goddess of greed, hoping to be blessed with even greater wealth, or to attain it for the first time.

Sastra is also the patron deity of the many charities in Nemea as her compassionate nature, derived from her mother, does move her to aid the poor, even if this is perceived infrequently at best.

Her most frequent worshippers are found amongst thieves, travelling acrobats and jugglers as well as merchants, each praying for the favour of the goddess to increase the stream of currency in their direction.

Her symbol is simply the golden Trasil, a common division of Nemean currency equivalent to 100 gold.

Part of The Nemean religion

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