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Acres is depicted as a tall, stately woodlander, usually carrying a sling, a bow and various quivers packed with arrows. Sometimes he is depicted as merely holding a single bow drawn with a single arrow.

Few legends are told of his exploits in the civilized areas of Nemea, as somehow Acres seem ill liked in this setting. But among the wild peasants of the north and the east there are many that tell and praise the legends spoken of him. That could be because the stories often speak of his kindness and encouragement towards the simple farmers and hunters, and to the wild animals of the forest. But they also speak of his intense hatred toward anything that is an abomination to nature and also often portrait a genuine disdain for huge cities and industrious effects to agriculture and such. He shares this hatred with the older and secluded Chasun, who in turn seem to hold a special relationship with Acres, as to why and to what extent is unknown.

Rather naturally Acres have most worshippers derived from simple woodsmen, hunters and farmers in the outer rural parts of Nemea.

Acres symbol is a green fletched arrow.

Part of The Nemean religion

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