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Not much is known about Kesmet, other then that he’s one of the elder gods. Many scholars believe he’s not really an evil god, despite his involvement in the demise of all mortals. They proclaim that he might just be necessary to keep the balance between the good and evil of the world, between the living and the dead. For if either side gains the upper end, the world as people know it would cease to exist.

Still, most naturally fear their eventual meeting with him and as such his devout followers are scarce, to say the least. There is a legend that he carries a set of scales that he uses to weigh all the souls of this world with the ones of the next. It is said that if something were to upset the balance of those scales, so that one end would tip to the bottom, the two worlds would collide and spill into each other.

Since so little is known about Kesmet, he is often depicted as a grey-robed figure with a shrouded hood, but he’s most often accompanied by a symbol of a waning moon. As such he’s often mentioned as the harbinger of darkness, as the moon wanes, or the rejuvenator, as the moon restarts its cycle once more. Often enough people describe sightings of Kesmet as a bringer of grave news and of ill omens.

His official symbol is the aforementioned symbol of the waning moon, describing the last things you’ll see before either total darkness or rejuvenation and the restart of the cycle.

Part of The Nemean religion

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