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Demosan is usually depicted as a dwarven warrior, usually of the hill variety, wielding a very large warhammer. A very long time ago, he was a mortal, like any other, but he was renowned as a great warrior hero with an unrivalled aspiration to seek greater glory on the battlefield. That ambition eventually caused him to seek out ever more powerful beings, even outside of the battlefields, so that he could engage them in close combat duels to the death. Truly unmatched in martial prowess he vanquished many hideous beasts and enemy champions around the world while only getting stronger by the experience. Eventually he found himself without mortal adversaries but instead found a way to challenge even the gods, and subsequently challenged Akbeth himself to a fight.

This fateful fight lasted ongoing far into the evening hours of the second day, before Akbeth finally felled the mighty dwarven hero. As Demosan lay dying before Akbeth, breathing his last breaths with an odd expression of peace and calmness, the elder god Aves appeared, followed shortly by a silent Kesmet, and made a plea to Akbeth to spare the honourable Demosans life. Father Akbeth in his wisdom instead infused Demosan with magical essence and ascended him into godhood to act as his adopted son, and to wed one of his daughters, Noran. And thus Demosan became a god of war instead of finally receiving that restful embrace of death by an adversary.

While becoming this god of war is likely the greatest glory any warrior could receive, there are many times when Demosan becomes restless, and perhaps even bored with being a god, and during those times is when it is believed that most wars start, perhaps so he can find a warrior similar to what he once was.

The most loyal followers of Demosan are naturally found within warriors in general and hill dwarves in particular, although there are also the really devout priests of Demosan who aspire the same martial prowess as him while also invoking his blessings upon others. Perhaps they aspire to gain power and influence equal to him in order to maybe ascend themselves too into godhood?

The official symbol of Demosan is the dwarven warhammer framed by the scorching sun of Akbeth, a suiting image of the confinement he now feels in the immortal life.

Part of The Nemean religion

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