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General Questions

I just joined. What do I do now? What is this game about?

  • World of Dungeons is a text based combat game where heroes adventure together at certain times during the day and share together as a group the spoils of the adventure - whether that be experience, gold, items, or even death. The first thing you should do when just starting would be to read the First Steps guide. This will familiarize you with the WoD interface and the many tools you will need to get yourself and your group started up. Alternatively, you can join an existing group, described in part 1.8 of the mentioned tutorial.

What is the Library?

  • The library contains all the links to information regarding WoD. The University of Ravenfort forum is listed here, as are the cost lists for levels, skills, fame requirements, training costs for skills, smileys available for use on the forum, and a complete list of the dungeons available to adventurers.

I think another player is cheating, what should I do?

  • If you suspect another player or cheating, it is your duty to inform a judge or admin. To find out who these judges are, visit Tavern -> Forum -> The Court -> Court FAQ. A simple private message to a judge regarding the issue should suffice to get things started. Remember, a cheater-free WoD means a better environment for you to play in!

What is a title?

  • A title is an aspect of WoD designed only to customize a hero and have fun with them. Your title does not affect your hero's performance in dungeons or duels, and in some cases people decided to go for no title at all! The titles available to apply to your hero are based on your accumulated fame (ex. a hero with high fame could choose to be called a king or queen, whereas a new character with low fame would only be called a jester or sailor). Three different titles are available to each hero upon reaching each new level of fame, these titles can be viewed by following the conditions of the table located at Library -> Title List. For more information regarding fame titles, visit the encyclopedia page for hero titles.

Why should I get a medal? What do I do with it once I have it?

  • Medals are just that - medals that your hero can wear as if they were regular equipment. Medals have specific slots that only medals can be put onto (you can't wear a shield on your breast pocket!) and every hero has 3 of them. Medals have a variety of effects, including bonuses to hp, mana, attack, defense, and even adding more medals slots! Medals cannot be traded, and only the hero who acquired the medal can wear it, so be careful not to sell them unless you are completely sure that hero will never use it again.

I am going away for a few days, how can I look after my hero?

  • If you are going to be away for a few days you can delegate your hero on vacation mode to another player on the same world. In other words, you can let another player on the same realm take care of your hero until you get back. Delegating players only have limited access to your hero and skills, so no need to worry about something bad happening to your hero (although it is always a good practice to send a vacation delegation to a player you know and trust). Note that VDs are limited to 60 days (after that your hero will have nobody taking care of them except you! Also, note that VDing is NOT the same as account sitting, the latter of which is illegal in WoD.

How do I get invited to duels?

  • Other players invite your hero to duel by sending you invites. If you want to initiate a duel, you can either do so by viewing a hero's page and following the "Duel Hero" link, or by visiting Colosseum -> Search for Opponents and entering search criteria for a specific type of hero you'd like to duel against. Note that in order to be able to have other players invite you to duel, you must enable them by going to Colosseum -> Duel -> Configure Duels and unchecking the corresponding boxes. For more information regarding duelling, visit the duel information page -COMING SOON-.

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Hero Questions

What does it mean when a hero is red?

  • When a hero's name is red on the "My Heroes" page, it means that hero is inactive. Inactive means that the hero indicated in red will not be able to access dungeons, or otherwise be controlled by the player (you) until he/she is reactivated. The only time your main hero should be red is when you are running your minis.

What is a Mentor, do I need one?

  • A mentor hero is just that - a mentor. A mentor is usually played by a more experienced player who knows WoD better than those he/she is mentoring. If you are new to WoD having a mentor is invaluable because this player will help you through the game, answer your questions and provide you with quick answers which you would otherwise have to dig through the encyclopedia to find. It is up to your group if you want a mentor. While they do provide a huge benefit to your group, they are completely optional if you decide you want to discover WoD by yourself, one step at a time.

How do I find out more about my hero's class?

  • You can find out more about your hero's class race by visiting this page in the encyclopedia, listed on the main page. This information is also available by following Library -> Classes and Races. Alternatively, you can visit the Hall of Heroes forum by going to Tavern -> Forum -> Hall of Heroes -> your hero class's subforum.

What should I do in the settings menu?

  • The settings menu is where you can configure your hero's actions when they adventure in a dungeon. As you progress through the game these settings will become more and more important, to the point where if they are just slightly incorrect or off-sync with the rest of your group, it could mean certain death. See the page regarding hero settings for a more in-depth explanation regarding settings.

What is a mini?

  • A mini is a hero that is not the main hero of any player. Although each player is only allowed 1 (or 2 if the account is premium) hero active at a time, by alternating between the main hero and a 'mini' hero, the player can legally earn some more gold for himself/herself. Since this 'mini' hero is NOT the main character for said player, they are called minis because they are usually much lower in level and are not actively exploring dungeons all day as their main heroes are (minis mainly exist to support and provide extra gold for their main heroes). Note that having minis is NOT THE SAME as having multiple accounts. Multiple accounts is illegal in WoD and if you are caught doing so you will be banned. See the page regarding multis for more information on this topic.

Why do some heroes who have the same level as me have more fame?

  • Fame is accumulated through different dungeons you explore, medals you wear, clan monuments you may possess, inviting new players and voting for WoD. Harder dungeons reward heroes with more fame, so it could simply be a case of having completed a few harder dungeons and gaining that much more fame. Note that if you are killed in and do not complete a dungeon run that you will not receive the full fame for adventuring in the dungeon. See the corresponding dungeon reports for the amount of fame you received for you efforts. If you want to vote for WoD, visit Invite -> Vote Now and visit the links and vote for WoD! Voting not only gives you more fame, but makes WoD's fanbase larger, which only improves the conditions of the game!You can also invite your friends as new players to add your enjoyment of playing WoD. To invite new players, go to Invite -> Tell your friend by email and enter your friends' emails there. Once they accept your invitations, they have to run dungeons and you will get your extra fame. To know how, you can go to Invite -> Advantages. Your extra fame from each player you invite is shown in Invite -> My Recruits section. The more players around, the more fun it will be for everyone!

Where can I find more information about my race.

  • You can find out more about your hero's class race by visiting this page in the encyclopedia, listed on the main page. This information is also available by following Library -> Classes and Races.

What is a skill-set, how do I make one? How do I understand it?

  • A skill set is your hero's build, that is, the combination of attributes and skills you have leveled up in order to make them fierce killing machines or essential supporters. For more information regarding skill building, visit the Classes and Races part of the encyclopedia and view the corresponding hero class. To have a better understanding of which attributes and skills contribute to different aspects of the game, visit the corresponding attributes and skills pages.

What is a supporter? Why are they asking for a tank? What does it all mean?

  • Supporters and tanks are the roles of heroes in a group. A supporter is a passive class that helps the group by buffing the attacker heroes to increase their collective strengths for smiting their enemies. Tanks are front line heroes that are mainly used as defensive meat shields in order to protect the rest of the group from certain death. For more information regarding hero roles, see the section regarding tasks of classes on the group information page.

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Communication Questions

How can I use the town crier?

  • To send a message to your world using the town crier, follow Tavern -> Town Crier. Note that this message will cost a small amount of gold and will be visible to the entire world for a short period of time. The TC is especially useful for advertising trades, items for sale, or potential duels. When using the Town Crier, remember to abide by all rules and regulations that apply to that feature of the game.

How do I get an avatar?

  • An avatar is simply a picture someone has uploaded to personalize their accounts. To upload your avatar go to Hero -> My Heroes -> click the hero's name you want to change the avatar of -> scroll down to bottom and click big yellow "load avatar" link. Make sure you have the rights to use the image before you upload it! If you need to crop the image because of size constraints, a good site to use would be mypictr.

How do I make a signature?

  • To create your signature go to Hero -> My Heroes -> click the hero's name you want to change the signature of -> scroll down to near the bottom and edit the box that is titled Signature. When you are done hit Save and your signature should show up! To see what emoticons are available for use, go to Library -> Smileys. If you use an external image, make sure you have the rights to use the image before you upload it! If you need to crop the image because of size constraints, a good site to use would be mypictr.

What is the difference between the group forum and the main forum?

  • The difference is that your group forum can ONLY be viewed by those in your group - this means only heroes and mentors in your group can read your group posts. The main forum is for everyone on the same world (and in some cases, all of the WoD worlds) to read and post. Note that admin reserve the right to read group posts if deemed necessary to an investigation, etc,.

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Group Questions

What is a group? Do I need to join one? How do I do that?

  • A group is a collection of players (at most 12) that play as a team and help each other to have better chances to complete dungeons successfully. A group consists of a variety of hero roles, from the main attackers that do nothing but smash the enemy to the supporters who enable the attackers to actually hit them! Every role in the group is important, which is why is it essential to join a group as soon as possible when you start WoD. For more information regarding how to physically join a group, visit section 1.8 in the First Steps guide.

What should I do if my leader is inactive for some days?

  • If your leader is inactive for a day or two, don't fret, they could be busy with work or school and unable to get to a computer to login. Usually prior warning or an explanation after the fact should clear any issue up as to their whereabouts. However, if your group leader (or other member) is away for over 10 days without prior notice or vacation delegation, it is possible that they have decided to stop playing WoD altogether. In this case it would be wise for you to keep an eye on their activity levels and start looking for a replacement member. Once the group leader becomes 5 days inactive, the next player to view the group page automatically gets the leadership status as to allow the group to continue and not fall apart due to an inactive player.

My leader isn't setting dungeons every 7 hours? Is that allowed?

  • Of course it is allowed! There are no laws stating that your group must adventure every 7 hours, but doing so will advance your heroes faster and make them stronger quicker. If your leader cannot be online often enough to make sure your group is adventuring every 7 hours, get them to give other heroes in your group something called Group Representative status or access to dungeon timing. For more information regarding how to do this, visit the encyclopedia page.

What is a clan good for?

  • Other than creating a larger community for your WoD playing experience, clans are good for a wide variety of things including monuments, clan duel opportunities, and possible deals on items if you are in a good relationship with your fellow clan members. Being in a clan in required in order to equip some items, as a certain degree of clan fame is necessary to wield higher end equipment.

How many members should you have in a group as a minimum?

  • As a general minimum, you should always be aiming to fill your group's empty slots. In other words, although there is no actual minimum number of required heroes in a group to adventure in a dungeon, the more heroes in a group, the easier it is to pass dungeons and get to higher levels and harder dungeons. To advertise open slots in your group for heroes to join, you can post in the corresponding forums at Tavern -> Forum -> Companions, Groups, Clans, and Mentors, you can search for a group in the group search function located at Group -> Group Search, or use the town crier to advertise your needs. For more information on groups, visit the group information page.

What does a group leader do?

  • The group leader is responsible for keeping the group running smoothly and assigning groups members various tasks in order to equally split the workload. For a more detailed description of a group leader's responsibilities, visit the encyclopedia page.

What is a group merchant?

  • A group merchant is a member of the group who takes control of all the purchasing and selling of items in the group. This person is trusted to essentially be the treasurer of the group's accumulated wealth so it is always a good idea for them to start a thread in the group forum posting their activities with group money to keep the process transparent in the case of a discrepancy. For more information regarding group merchants, visit the encyclopedia page.

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Dungeon Questions

What about fighting?

Can I be killed?

  • What kind of game would WoD be if you could not be killed!? As almost all other games, you can certainly die in WoD. Dying in either in a dungeon or a duel is possible, however as soon as your character exits the duel/dungeon they are automatically restored to full HP and cured of any maluses incurred during the battle.

What happens in the dungeon?

  • In order to observe what happened in the dungeon, go to Group -> Reports and select the dungeon corresponding to the adventure time you want to see. The Statistics part will show you overall stats of the dungeon run, be it attack totals or number of buffs given. The Items Found tab shows you what each hero found during the run, including what consumables were used and if any equipment sustained damage. The Details tab gives you a detailed breakdown of how each level worked out, action by action, roll by roll. The Details section is very important when making effective strategies - by studying the progress of each level you can accurately make settings to best prepare your heroes for combat.

How much should I put in my pockets?

  • As much as you need! Depending on your role in the group your pockets can be either full or empty depending on your consumable and powerup item needs. For example, since an archer needs arrows to shot at his/her enemies, his/her pocket space will be vital to carry arrows for the dungeon. On the other hand, a barbarian who uses an axe to attack rarely goes into his/her pockets for things so their pockets would be less full than the archers.

What's the difference between a quest and a dungeon?

  • A dungeon is a constantly available adventuring ground, as long as you are within the level restrictions for that dungeon. A quest on the other hand is only available for a limited number of adventures or days, with multiple dungeon stages required to be completed before the quest is considered completed. Quests often give unique items and medals that can be used to improve your hero and make them stronger that would not be available in common dungeons.

My leader told me to move positions, how do I do that?

  • In order to move positions you need to alter your settings. To do this, go to Hero -> Settings -> select the setting you wish to change and hit load to make sure its loaded, then on the default first page change the combat position to the desired spot. For more information regarding hero settings, visit the encyclopedia page.

I configured an attack but it was not used in the dungeon

  • Some monsters are immune to certain attacks. Undead, for example, can't be hit by social attacks. There are other monsters that can only be hit with magic attacks. Another problem might be that you didn't have a consumable that can be used with this skill.

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Item/Trade Questions

What is the difference between the cellar and storage areas?

  • Your cellar area is considered your personal storage area. Once an item is in your cellar, any of your heroes can take that item and equip or sell it. Your storage is specific to a particular hero and only that hero may access those items. Note that only items in your storage can be used in trades, and that group items cannot be put into your cellar if they are flagged as group items.

Where is my backpack?

  • Your backpack is merely a concept used to limit the number of items each hero can take back from a dungeon run. Your backpack has a limit of 10 items, and once this 10 item limit is reached the remaining number of items must be left behind (you are allowed to choose what to leave behind). Note that if you first access your storage after adventuring and have picked up 9 items, the number of items that were in your backpack is now reduced to 0. This feature is designed to reward those players who are more active by letting them effectively take more loot from collective dungeon runs (if you do not access storage at all for 2 or 3 runs and find you have 30 items in your pack, you must dump 20 items before you can do anything with the 10 you choose to keep!).

What is the difference between GS and TV?

  • The main difference is that items that are put into the Treasure Vault (TV) are automatically flagged as group items, and are restricted from being sold or put into personal cellars. These flagged items are essentially group-only items, and can only be either equipped on a group member, in their storage, or back into the group's GS or TV - nowhere else. Due to these restrictions, most groups use their TV for gear, and use their Group Storage for consumables. The GS is like a group cellar, and unlike the TV does not flag items. This is useful for consumables as they are rarely worth as much as equipment and are used by heroes on a much more frequent basis.

Why would anyone use an item with maluses?

  • Players use items with maluses often because the bonuses they receive by wearing the item more than compensate for the maluses encountered by wearing it. For example, a ferocious axe wielding barbarian whose main attack attribute is dexterity would likely use an item that gives them a charisma malus and a dexterity bonus simply because dexterity is his/her main attribute, and it is more important to his/her character's overall success than a one point loss in charisma. These situations can become quite complex and in the end it is up to you to decide what is best for your hero.

What does parry/defense/armor mean? How do I improve them.

  • Parry/defense/armor is all part of the defensive aspect of the game. Parry and defense mean the rolls you have in dungeon to avoid being attacked by enemies. If your enemy's attack roll is lower than your defense/parry roll, you are not damaged whatsoever! However if your defense roll is lower than your enemy's attack roll, you will be damaged accordingly. Armor then comes in to reduce the amount of damage you actually receive from an enemy attack depending on whether it is a normal/good/critical hit. To improve your defense rolls, you need to increase certain attributes and skills depending on what type of attack you're defending against (ex. nature, social, ranged, etc.). Here is a list of the types of attacks and the attributes they use in calculating their parry rolls. Visit the combat system encyclopedia page for more information regarding the way attack/defense/damage rolls and other aspects of combat are calculated in WoD.

I want to wear the simple leather cap I found in the dungeon but I don't know how to do it.

  • To wear an item, go to Hero -> Storage and set the item's location box to the slot you want to equip it on. If the item itself is yellow/brownish in colour, you can wear it after your hero meets certain attribute/skill/fame/level requirements to equip it. If it is red your class/race cannot wear this item regardless of attributes and such. The only time you can openly equip an item is if its title is white, verifying that you have met all requirements for use. For more information regarding equipping items, visit the equipment encyclopedia page.

What is an unique item?

  • A unique item is a special item that can only be found a certain amount of times in dungeons. This kind of item often has better stats than normal ones. There are two types of unique items - hero and group. Hero uniques can only be found once by each hero and can only be equipped once on one hero. Similarly, group uniques can only be equipped only by one hero in each group. Due to their limited drop rates, these items are often much better than non-unique items, with group uniques being even better than most hero uniques.

I just got a group unique item and I can't equip it. Why is that?

  • First, check your requirements. If the name of the item is white and not red or yellow then it is likely someone else in your group is already wearing one. Similarly to how hero uniques can only be equipped once by the same hero, group uniques can only be worn by only one hero in each group. For this reason group's should openly discuss who wears which group uniques as it directly affects the rest of the group.

Is it worth wearing a simple ivory armband?

  • If you have nothing else to equip in that slot, it is often better to wear something than nothing if only for the purpose of spreading damage to your equipment. By wearing an armband, you reduce the possibility that your real gear will get damaged from enemy attacks.

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Trade Questions

How do I buy and sell?

  • There are a variety of ways you can buy and sell items in WoD. The main market in which players can buy items is located at Bazaar -> Marketplace. From here, you can search the marketplace for a specific item using the various search options, or do a general overlook of what's available on the marketplace by just clicking Find. To sell items in the marketplace, go back to your active hero's storage or cellar and enter a price in the corresponding item's row in the Market column. If this is not showing up, make sure the selection box in the top righthand corner of your screen is changed to Sale Options instead of No Sale Options.You can also buy items via the Auction House, located under Bazaar -> Auctions. These items are being sold under auction style rules, which means players can continuously bid on an item until its ending time arises. To start an auction of your own, click the Start Auction button on the top righthand corner of the screen. This process will guide you through the auctioning item process and publicly display your item for auction when completed.

What is trading? How do I find traders?

  • Trading is essentially buying and selling, without using the marketplace or auction house. The option to directly trade items and gold instead of using the marketplace and auction house is available to players through Bazaar -> Trade. By trading, players can specifically choose who they buy and sell from and complete trades through a safe process. To find traders, try looking through the Royal Marketplace Forums located at Bazaar -> Buy and Sell Forums.

How do I know how much gold to offer for an item? Or how much to charge on the market?

  • Knowing how much gold to offer or charge for an item really comes with experience. Since the economy in WoD is relative and constantly shifting, the market changes throughout the course of a world. A key way to realize the value of items is by looking at their statistics. Judging by whether they are unique, limited in durability, (un)limited uses per dungeon/fight, and any other bonuses or effects they have all contribute to an item's value. Remember too that the items that are in higher demand are those whose market is larger, that is, the items that can be used by more commonly played hero classes (barbarians vs bards for example). If you really have no idea what something is worth, try posting in the appraisals section, under Bazaar -> Buy and sell forums -> Appraisals.

Why did I get charged for putting an item on the marketplace?

  • In order to prevent gold transfer abuse, heroes are automatically charged 4% display tax to a minimum of 10 gold on any items put on the market and 4% display tax to a 50 gold minimum for those in the auction house. For more information regarding selling items visit the trading and selling encyclopedia page.

Why did they take money off the cash I got from the auction?

  • In order to prevent abuse of the auction house, the WoD system automatically charges 10% sales tax on bought items, so in effect the seller only gets 90% of the original selling price, with 10% of it going into taxes. This is to prevent gold transfer abuse among other things. For more information regarding selling items visit the trading and selling encyclopedia page.

I have run out of arrows, where can I get more?

  • You can find more arrows in dungeons you adventure, for sale on the marketplace located at Bazaar -> Marketplace, in the auction house located at Bazaar -> Auction House, or even for trade in market stalls located at Bazaar -> Buy and sell forums -> Adventurers Riches. Marketplace and auction house purchases are straight gold purchases, however purchases via the adventurer riches forums require direct negotiations with other players which usually result in using the trade function. This extra effort is compenstated by often allowing a much higher amount of arrows (in this example) to be bought at once, sometimes for a wholesale price. see above for more information regarding trading with other players.

I'm looking at another group's GS post..what do all these numbers mean?

  • When viewing another group's generated TV/GS list, this is likely what you will see: 15x amulet of activity (30/45/~2). The 15x indicates that there are 15 stacks of that item, that is, there are 15 seperate items with different amounts of uses on each of them. The name then comes next, usually linked to its ingame stat page for your benefit to compare items, view effects, etc. The next part, "(30/45/~2)", indicates that there are 30 uses left of a total 45 possible uses in the stack number provided at the beginning of the item line. In this case, amulets of activity have a max of 3 uses each, but are rarely found with the full 3 uses which is why the amount of uses left is not equal to the total possible uses. The ~2 means that the average number of uses per stack is 2.

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