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Some attributes may be marked with this symbol: Inf.gif

Point with your mouse cursor on the symbol to find out how the different values of your attributes are made up.

For each action your hero is going to perform you need to pass a test roll which is based on your attributes and skills.

Attribute has affect on...
strength melee and ranged attacks, hitpoints
constitution hitpoints (even more than strength)
intelligence mana, defence against magical attacks
dexterity attack melee and ranged combat, parry melee
charisma social talents, healing talents, perform and parry social attacks
agility parry melee and ranged attacks, initiative
perception perform and parry in ranged combat, initiative
willpower parry magical and social attacks, mana (even more than intelligence)

Attribute page

When the value of an attribute (or a skill) is changed - e.g. by an item - the actual value is shown in square brackets.

Level.gif Your hero's current level and the amount of EP you need to proceed to the next level
Ep used.gif EP that have been used to increase a skill or an attribute are shown here
Fame.gif Fame can be gained in a dungeon or duel, and is needed for some items
Hitpoints.gif Your hero's current hitpoints: white = normal value, yellow = actual value after boni and mali (e.g. items) are considered
Manapoints.gif Your hero's current mana: white = normal value, yellow = actual value after boni and mali (e.g. items) are considered
Actions.gif Number of available actions per round
Initiative.gif Values affecting your hero's initiative
Resetpoints.gif Reset points give you the opportunity to reset a skill or an attribute.
Gender.gif The gender of your hero can be changed here

Basic Calculations

Hitpoints and Mana

Hitpoints = 3 * Constitution + 2 * Strength

Mana = 3 * Willpower + 2 * Intelligence

~ boni on attributes will be considered ~

Parries (without skills)

melee = 2 * Agility + Dexterity

ranged combat = 2 * Agility + Perception

magical attacks = 2 * Willpower + Intelligence

social attacks = 2 * Willpower + Charisma

diseases = 2 * Constitution + Charisma

disarm traps = 2 * Perception + Agility

force of nature = 2 * Willpower + Agility

~ boni on attributes will be considered ~

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