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A clan is a union of groups and no single heroes. The maximum is 5 groups, each group with up to 12 heroes, making up to 60 heroes in a clan.
There is no shared storage, but a shared forum. A clan is required to use monuments and to do duels against other clans.

Create a Clan

By reaching lvl 3, the group leader is able to form a clan at group => my clan. The group leader automatically becomes the clan leader.

Invite a Group

To invite a new group you need to fill in the right name of the group you want to join. You may use Group - All Groups and the forum Clan looking for groups to find any clanless group.

Clan Fame

Clan fame equals the combined fame of all heroes in the clan divided by 60.


Clan Leader

The hero founding the clan automatically gains clan leadership. At any time he is able to transfer the leadership to any hero within the clan.
Furthermore he is able to

  • change the clan's name
  • establish clan duels and arrange the settings (e.g. choose heroes, duel invitation)
  • hire and fire deputies (comparable to group representatives)
  • administrate the clan forum (see Tavern - Group-Forum)
  • invite or kick groups
  • write comments to heroes in the clan overview

Clan Deputy

Hired by the clan leader, he is able to

  • establish clan duels and arrange the settings (e.g. choose heroes, duel invitation)

Position, Settings

see Hero - Settings
Your can adjust your settings at Hero => Settings at the card index duels - clan duels.
Make sure you have discussed tactics for clan duels.


Every clan may possess a monument. It gives every member of the clan a special bonus (e.g. hitpoints). They`re assigned at tournaments as trophies, or as rewards for quests. If a clan is holding a monument, it may be challenged for it. The winner gets the monument. Duels challenging for a monument may not be declined.

Change Clan Name

Like changing a group's name, it is possible to change the name of the clan without any effect to the groups or heroes.

Leave Clan

The group leader of any group may decide to leave their clan.

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