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Due to your fame, you`re able to choose between 3 different titles if any new is available.

  • a general title available for all heroes
  • a title on the basis of your race
  • a title on the basis of cour class

With every new title you get a new insignia. The insignias may boost your hitpoints, manapoints and even your defensive and offensive.
Also you may decide not to optain any new title, if you don`t like a title or prefer that one you already have (you may keep your old title) by choosing "I wish to decline the title offered to me, but accept the insignia: pin"

Whether you choose to view the hints you can see more useful information about your current status.

  • your current amount of fame (without the fame brought by items or monuments)
  • how much fame you need to earn a new title


  • what counts is the fame you gained by dungeons, actions (e.g. duels) and recruits.
  • fame you get by items and monuments doesn`t count
  • to get an overview of all available titles go to "library => title list"
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