Tavern - The town crier

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Proclamation ... why?

With the town crier you can propagate WoD-internal messages everywhere. It is an information medium supplemental to the forum. Two main aspects of the Town Crier are trade requests and member searches.


The sovereign has decreed the following laws and it is your responsibility to follow these laws.

  1. The town crier is only for in-game matters. All themes outside of WoD are inappropriate.
  2. An exception is the promotion of Fan-Sites which have a direct relation to WoD! For those sites you can use the ticker.
  3. We don't want to see any abusiveness, assessments or statements about other players, groups, auctions, sales or duels.
  4. In the town crier, announcements of duels, appeals for new members / groups and sales or advertisements for auctions and offerings on the market are desired.

We are sure that you will follow these rules faithfully. But if this is not the case - oh great Akbeth! - I will cancel the proclamation now and - depending on the heaviness of your transgression - deny them in the future.

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