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Equipping your hero

Your hero needs to equip an item - otherwise the item won't be effective.
As example just think of a healing potion that can only be drunk when it is in the hero's pocket.
Therefore, it is recommended to equip useful items whenever possible.

Each item has a defined location where it can be equipped.
The main goal should be filling all open locations with the best equipment available.

Color-coded Items

The item names are color-coded. The following list describes the different colors and their meanings:

white - item can be equipped

orange - item may be equipped later when the hero meets all requirements

red - item can never be equipped because it is not allowed for your hero's class or race.

(note: colors may vary according to the chosen design)

Unique Items

Unique items are written in italics and represent very rare and valuable masterpieces.
There are different types of unique items that define how often a hero or group can equip this unique item.

Effects of Items

Some items change the attributes, skills or other values of your hero.
All known effects are listed in the item details page.
It also happens that some items have hidden effects that are not listed in the item details!

Storage and Treasure Vault

All standard items your hero finds in dungeons will be put into the storage.
New unique items can be found in the Treasure Vault after a successful dungeon visit.

see also group storage and treasure vault

The Cellar

All heroes of a player use the same cellar, but you can choose which items will be displayed by choosing a single hero or all heroes (my heroes combined cellars) from the pull-down menu in the top right corner. Items located in the cellar can be equipped like any other item.

Selling Items

Selling for a fixed price

You can sell items for their fixed price or their market value. To sell an item for its fixed price go to Hero => Equipment and mark the checkbox where it says sell fixed price and then click "OK".

Selling on the marketplace

In most cases you can sell your items for a much better price in the marketplace.

Go to Hero => Storage and choose "sale options" from the drop down menu in the upper right corner. (note: the drop down menu only appears if your hero is experienced enough)

Afterwards you are able to define a price for every item. Just type it into the field where it says "market". After you confirm your price with "OK" it will be offered in the marketplace where other players can buy it.

Go to Bazaar => My Sales to see all items your hero is selling on the marketplace.

To cancel the selling of an item just clear the field "price". (note: do not type a "0" here - that would mean you give it away for free)

For more information on the marketplace see Bazaar - Marketplace.

Trading and Selling Guide

There is also a thorough guide about Trading and Selling.

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