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World of Dungeons - Getting Started

This tutorial explains how you can:

  • create a hero, skill him up and equip him with the gear you want him to have.
  • breeze through your first fight
  • create a group or find comrades in arms
  • for the interactive tutorial click on library => start WoD in assisted mode or library => Quick start assistant


The Main Menu

With the main menu you can reach all important areas of the game. See the Navigation entry for more details.

Navi news.gif latest news and hints for the game
Navi hero.gif equip your hero, enhance skills and attributes, prepare for battles
Navi group.gif fight with your group in dungeons and quests
Navi tavern.gif contact your comrades via mail, forum or chat
Navi colusseum.gif participate in duels - one on one or with your group, view the duel rankings
Navi bazaar.gif buy equipment and sell your prey
Navi account.gif manage your own data and purchase a Premium Account
Navi invite.gif recruit new members and earn fame
Navi library.gif guidance and further documentation of the game
Navi logout.gif Leave the World Of Dungeons

The Status Bar

Statusbar name.JPG

This part of the status bar can be seen in the upper left corner of each page.

From the left to the right you can read

  • the active world (in the German version, there are four different Worlds (Servers) to play on)
  • the name of the active hero and his title (name: Lucius Galron, title: the natural)
  • the active hero's race (Tiram-Ag Elf)
  • the active hero's class (Alchemist)
  • the current level of this hero

Statusbar right.JPG

This part of the status bar can be seen in the upper right corner of each page.

This hero currently has

  • 2263 Gold small.gif pieces
  • 577 experience points (EP or Ep.gif) left
  • 930 fame points (Fame small.gif)

The clock shows the current server time (here 22:26 resp. 10:26 PM)

The Icons: In the upper right corner of each page you can find the following icons:

mail_none.gif no new messages mail_new_prio_0.gif new low-priority messages (event-messages)
mail_new_prio_1.gif new messages mail_new_prio_2.gif new high-priority messages
forum_group_none.gif no new entries in your group forum forum_group_new.gif at least 1 new entry in your group forum
forum_clan_none.gif no new entry in your clan forum forum_clan_new.gif at least 1 new entry in your clan forum
exchange_none.gif no active trade(s) exchange_new.gif at least 1 unfinished trade
duell_figure_none.gif no open duel(s) duell_figure_new.gif at least 1 open duel
title_none.gif no new title available title_new.gif new title available
quest_none.gif no quest poll quest_new.gif new quest poll
help_tool_rollover.png Click on this Icon to get more information about the current page.

Creating a Hero

  • New heroes can be created by clicking on Hero in the menu, subsection My heroes

Step One

  • Click on the button Create new hero
  • On the appearing page you can choose the name and the gender of your new hero. The name doesn't have to be identical with your login name.
  • Each name may only be used once. The game will inform you if your chosen name already exists.
  • If you have inserted a name and chosen a gender click on the Continue - button.

Step Two

  • On the following page you have to chose the class of your new hero.
  • For this tutorial we confine to the three basic classes:
  • Barbarian: A fighter with much HP and with strong melee attacks.
  • Archer: An Archer stands in the second line and fires at the opponents.
  • Mage: Mages damage monsters with their spells, but can also help the group with their protective magic.
  • Those three classes are playable with and without a Premium Account.
  • A more exact description of their advantages and disadvantages, and hints for handling them you can find in the overview of all classes. There are more classes that are not listed here, too.
  • Click on the Continue button to proceed.

Step Three

  • On the appearing page you will have to select the race of your hero.
  • Each race has advantages and disadvantages in attack and defense. Chose a race that fits the class of your hero.
  • Each race has bonuses and mali on atributes, e.g. Strength, Dexterity...
  • Click on Complete if you have selected a suitable race for your hero.

Preparing for Battle

To prepare your hero for battle, you have to equip your hero and spend your starting experience points on attributes and skills.


At the page Hero -> Attributes are all the Attributes needed for your hero.

There are: Strength (st), Constitution (co), Intelligence (in), Dexterity (dx), Charisma (ch), Agility (ag), Perception (pe) and Willpower (wi)


Click the Increase enabled.jpg to increase an attribute. An overview of the costs of an increase can be found under Library => Training Costs

Under most Skills you can see a calculation formula. For example:
The defenseroll is: 2 x ag + pe + 2 x Dodge missile

For a good defense roll of this skill you should raise the attributes Agility and Perception and the skill itself.
If you can't see the formula you have to click on "show hints".

On the right side of the page you can see your hero's characteristics, how much EP (experience points) you spend, how much EP you need for the next level, etc.
To increase your hero's level you have to spend an amount of experience points. See Library => Training Costs
Example: The hero Gustav needs 300 EP for level 2. So he has to spend at least 300 EP to increase his level. An increase of Strength from rank 2 to 3 (costs 400 EP) would do.

more information..


At the Page Hero -> Skills you see all the skills your character can learn. Unlike attributes, every class and race has different skills. There are many useful skills, but it's best to specialize on just a few of those skills. A mage, for example, can choose between the different kinds of wizardry: Magic Missile, Ice Missile and Fire Arrow.

By clicking on the Button all on the upper right side of the page, you can see all the skills your hero can learn and the level they have to be to learn them. By clicking on available you'll see only the skills your hero can use at their current level.

The skills are the actions your hero can perform in the dungeons. To increase them requires EP and Gold.

At first you should increase one or two Basic Skills (shown in Gold)

more information..


At the page Hero -> Equipment you see all the Items your Hero can wear. In the beginning your hero has a few start-items equipped. Using the drop-down list, you can equip your hero with the other items in your hero's Storage.

There is not only the Storage but also the Cellar (a storage for all your heroes), the Group Storage and a Treasure Vault. To equip items from the other places you must first move the item by the drop-down list in your storage or directly at the place it is worn.

Items which are removed are put into the storage of the respective hero.

Some heroes might need consumables (e.g. arrows, sulfur, ballads, ...). Make sure that your hero is always equipped with these items.

more information..

Buy Equipment

Every hero has few items as start-equipment. But at Level two you can trade with other heroes to improve your equipment.

At Bazaar -> Merchant you can find nearly all the items your hero needs in the first levels. Here, the Archers and Mages can find their Items of Usage like Arrows or Ice Crystals

Your hero can immediately use the Items colored white. The Items in orange can be used later, when your hero is stronger. Red Items cannot be used by this hero because he doesn't have the right class or race.

The first battle

In World of Dungeons, battles are calculated automatically at fixed times. Before you get into a battle you can configure your hero's actions.


At Hero => Settings you can adjust your hero's actions in the Dungeons.

There are three kinds of Settings you can choose between:

  • Simple View
  • Expert View
  • Expert View without Java Script

For more information about configuration see Settings

Now you can adjust which attack your hero should make in the round, if he should do something in the pre round and if he should heal other group members. For ranged attacks and spells, you can also set the positions where they should attack. For melee fighters, see the Combat System - Melee section.

Choosing a dungeon

To choose a dungeon, select Group from the main menu and Dungeon in the submenu.

You will see a list of available dungeons for your group.

On the left, the names of the dungeons are listed, together with a short summary of each dungeon.

On the right, the level of the dungeon is shown as well as the level-requirements.

  • recommended means that this range is optimal to visit the dungeon.
  • available means that you can only visit the dungeon in this range.

If you have selected a dungeon, press the explore now button. You can change your decision any time until the fight takes place.

At the top of the page, you see the name of the dungeon listed as well as the estimated time until the visit.

The standard time between dungeons is around 10 hours, the minimum time is 7 hours.

If you want to go to the dungeon as soon as possible, push the Fight at (time) button (recommended for active groups).


Dungeons are the main aspect of World of Dungeons. You and your group can visit up to 4 Dungeons a day, where you battle with monsters. If you complete a dungeon, you can find Gold and Items and also earn some EP (Experience Points) and Fame as rewards.

Instead of Dungeons you can also visit Appointment Dungeons and Quests.

Do not worry if you fail in a dungeon. Pick an easier one for your group to collect more EP and better equipment.


Quests offer special rewards and drops, you get more experience and earn more fame.

To start a quest chose Group => Quests in the menu.

All group members can vote for a quest, while group representatives or leaders can start or stop a quest.

If you choose to start a quest, you do not explore the selected dungeon but a special quest dungeon.

Selecting a quest dungeon is similar to selecting a standard dungeon, you can decide to visit it earlier as well.

Be aware that some quest dungeons can only be tried a certain number of times or within a margin of days

Battle Reports

Battle reports are one of the most important parts of your daily game. To see the results of the explored dungeons go to Group => Reports.

  • You can get a short summary of the fight by clicking on Statistics to see who (if anyone :) ) survives the dungeon, how many EP they get, etc.

You also see detailed statistics forthe whole dungeon. The top value of each category is colored in yellow (maximum melee damage for example)

  • The Items button gives you an overview about the equipment each player wears when exploring the dungeon as well as the items they find.

If your character is knocked unconscious, all items are left behind

  • The Details button shows an detailed overview of the fight. You see all attackers and defenders listed as well as each of their actions.


You won`t be successful if you try to make your way through the World of Dungeons alone, so it`s recommended to visit the dungeons and quests together with other heroes by fighting side by side.
A group is composed of up to 12 heroes, with a mixture of offensive, defensive and supportive characters. You should try to create a group on your own or find a group for your hero as soon as possible.

Create a group

To create a group, you just need to go to Group => My Group, enter a proper name and click ok. You can change the name of your group anytime if you want to. To find new members, you can visit the contact-forum ( Group => Contact-Forum ), and open a thread at "Heroes Wanted - Level 1-2" with a description of your group and your objectives and take a look at "Looking for a group - Level 1-2". You also may use the town crier.

Heros wanted.JPG

To invite a hero you need to fill in his full name or search with a wildcard (example. Klaus* or K*aus) below the overview of your group (Group => My Group).
Another way is to visit the hero's profile and click on "invite this hero to join your group" at the bottom of the profile.

see Group - My Group for detailed information.

Join a group

Possible opportunities to find a group:

  • Contact forum
you may open a thread at "Looking for a group - Level 1-2" with a description of your hero and your objectives
search the threads at "Heroes Wanted - Level 1-2", answer and / or write a private message to the author or the contact-person given at the post
  • The town crier
let Jeff, the town crier tell World of Dungeons` citizens your need for group


A clan is a union of groups and no single heroes. The maximum are 5 groups, each group with up to 12 heroes, which makes up to 60 heroes in a clan.
There`s no shared storage, but a shared forum. A clan is necessary to use monuments and do duels against another clan.

Create a Clan

By reaching lvl 3, the group leader is able to form a clan (group => my clan). The group leader automatically becomes the clan leader.
Similar to "create a group", you can use the forum to search for groups joining your clan.

see Group - My Clan

Join a Clan

Similar to "join a group" you can search the forum to find a clan.

The Community

At the beginning you might have problems understanding all the eventualities in this game. But you`re not alone and everybody playing this game started with level 1. So you`ll find a lot of information if you take a look at the forum. There will be categories for every kind of question you may have. At first it`s recommended to have a look at the FAQ.

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