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Welcome to the part about Gameplay of the World of Dungeons Encyclopedia.

This section will provide deeper insight into some main parts of the game. It is recommended that you read each part at least once, so that you get to know what the game is all about. Some of the included guides will provide pieces of information that seem to be hard to understand for the moment. Just don't be discouraged by this fact and reread the guide again after you gained more experience.

First Steps

As the topic says, this link will lead to an explanation about the very basics of the game. Everyone should at least have a look at this page to get to know how you can start right into the game.


The ingame-navigation includes many entries so this overview provides a short explanation of all parts of the ingame-navigation.


The groups are one of the main institutions within the game. Most of the social life happens in a group. Learn how to find a group that fits.

Dungeon Guide

The main task of the game consists of visiting dungeons. Therefore, it is pretty important to know how this works and what things you should take care of. This guide will introduce you to all important facts about dungeons and will try to show on how to succeed.


The configuration defines what a hero will do in dungeons and duels. You can make a hero attack, strengthen others or weaken your enemies. So this guide will lead you through the process of creating configurations, which might seem a bit odd at the beginning. Even more experienced players benefit from reading it.

Trading and Selling

Besides dungeons there is another big part of the game. After succeeding in a dungeon, each group finds more or less valuable items. These items can be used to improve the own equipment or they can be sold for gold. The whole trading and selling process isn't that easy as it sounds. This guide will try to explain all important facts about item handling.

Ingame Communication

Communication is one of the most important parts of the game. No group really can survive without discussions about how to proceed and all the other important topics. This guide will show you all known ways of communication in the game.

Combat System

Fighting against monsters in dungeons, and sometimes even other players in duels, is a main part of the game. Therefore, you should know all important facts on how fighting actually work.


Rebirth is a topic for pretty experienced players that reached the end of the world they are currently participating. This guide will try to explain the rebirth process.

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