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Stickies are used when the forum moderator wishes to essentially highlight and 'stick' a thread to the front page of a select forum. This ensures the thread doesn't get pushed to the back and get lost. Since stickying is used on important topics, it is an essential part of forum moderation. Another useful thing about sticky posts is that they are not affected by the automatic deletion of posts, which can be configured by the admin for every subforum.

Working With Closed Threads

Threads that are closed by forum moderators can no longer be posted in. Threads are usually closed due to being old topics, no longer useful for discussion purposes, archiving purposes, or even in some cases to stop flame wars. If you need a closed thread reopened, contact the specific forum's moderator(s).

Moderator Rights and How to Set Them

Moderators have the ability to close, sticky, move, and delete threads. The public world forums are moderated by team members, by which are appointed by game admin. However, for private group forums, the group leader can set moderators to take care of the forums. To do this, the group leader hero must go to 'Group Forum' -> 'Administrator' -> Search the hero name you wish to instate -> Give the hero moderator rights to select forums.

Forum Administration (new forums, forum comment)

Forum administration is currently only available to the group leaders. To access this feature, the group leader hero must go to 'Group Forum' -> 'Administrator' -> 'Forums'. From here, comment sections and forum layout is readily accessible and able to be personalized to fit the needs of your group.

Information about Text Formatting

A good overview of text formatting in the forum can be found here: Forums - Formatting text

General Forum Info

For more general information about the game forum visit this entry.


Using Filters

Filters are advanced messaging properties available to all WoD heroes. To enable a customized filter, go to 'Tavern' -> 'Messages' -> 'Edit Filter'. Filters automatically organize your hero inbox based on set rules called filters. Much like how event messages are delivered to your event message box, other filters can be used to deliver certain messages to other boxes.

Sending a Message to a Player/Group/Clan

To send a message to a player, group, or clan, while in the new message screen type in the name of the recipient and next to the text box click the 'Search in: Player/Group/Clan' button (whichever corresponds to the recipient you are trying to connect with). For example, if I were to send a message to a clan named 'Dungeoneers', I would type in 'Dungeoneers' and click on the clan button. This would then allow me to send my message to every hero in that clan.

Multiple Recipients

Much like how you send to a group or clan, if you would like to send a message to multiple recipients, type in the player or the group name into the address box and click on the corresponding search box. Doing this repeatedly will allow you to address your message to as many recipients as you are allowed to add. There is still a limitation when sending to multiple recipients, for example a maximum of two groups per message. Please remember to follow the netiquette when sending ingame messages!

Messaging a complete clan is very special action and only clan deputies or the clan leader himself can address a whole clan. So if you really need to send such a message you must talk to the persons in charge or get the rights yourself. Adding a clan to a message works like adding a group.

WoD Chat

What is the WoD Chat?

The WoD chat channel is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel designated for WoD players to hang out and chat! The chat is essentially a place to ask questions, discuss WoD with fellow players, and is freely accessible to all WoD players! The only rules you must abide are those in the netiquette.

How to Access the WoD Chat?

In order to access WoD, you need an IRC client. For those that do not have one, WoD has a built-in version, accessible by going to 'Tavern' -> 'Chat' -> 'Start Chat'. This will open a direct window into the WoD chat, with no extra steps required! For those that wish to connect with external IRC clients, please visit the chat info page for information on connecting.

Town Crier

The town crier is a function that sends a public message visible to all heroes on WoD. This is often used for item searching, trading, duelling, and other WoD-related functions. It is located at 'Tavern' -> 'Town Crier'. For more information on using the town crier please visit this entry.

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