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When heroes reach a certain Level, they can retire from a World to spend the rest of their life in quiet tranquility on Xenarthra.

How does it work?

As soon as your hero reaches a certain Level, you will find a new Link on your My Heroes page named: “Click here to retire a hero.” In the first months of a new World, only Level 40 Characters can retire. When a first few heroes have reached Level 40, though, all heroes of Level 30+ will be able to retire their heroes.

If a world’s population is reduced to the point that it makes no sense to keep it open, registrations to that world will be deactivated and the rebirth level will be lowered to Level 20. This makes Level 20 the lowest Level any hero can retire and take his place on Xenarthra. Nevertheless, this will allow most remaining players in the old world to retire. After the process has been completed, the old world will be closed completely and might open again soon.

Don’t forget that you can transfer the remaining premium account time to another world. This might become handy when you are thinking about leaving the world.


A retiring hero can take all the items he is wearing with him. He will also be able to take 20 items from his storage. These are chosen at random, so it is a good idea to have only the 20 items in storage that you really want to keep. This only counts for Retirement and the Legend World, NOT for the Rebirth hero. So these items are visible in the hero details of the retired hero. In addition to that, they can be used for duels on the Legend World.

All other items the hero owns in the storage, cellar, marketplace and auctions will be deleted. Items marked as group items can’t be taken into retirement and will be transferred to the group leader instead. Same goes for all items in the group storage or treasure vault, which are also transferred to the group leader.


Depending on the amount of gold your hero has when he retires, he’ll receive a residency. The residency is a status symbol and represents the hero’s wealth.

Eternal Hall of Fame

Attributes, Skills, Items, your residency, your group/clan and some other statistics about your character will be kept for posterity, and can be viewed by all players in the Eternal Hall of Fame.

The Legend Level

Depending on the hero’s Level when he retires, he will receive Legend Levels. The heroes will be sorted by Legend Level in the Eternal Hall of Fame.

Level Legend Level Comment
1 1
2 1
3 2
4 2
5 2
6 2
7 3
8 3
9 3
10 3
11 4
12 4
13 4
14 4
15 5
16 5
17 5
18 5
19 6
20 6 lowest level for rebirthing into a new world
21 6
22 6
23 7
24 7
25 7
26 7
27 8 at this level, a lesser strength can be selected
28 9
29 10
30 11
31 12 at this level, a neutral strength can be selected
32 13
33 14
34 15
35 16 at this level, a primary strength can be selected
36 17
37 18
38 19
39 20
40 21

The Legend World

Retired heroes can be transferred to the Legends World, where they meet up with all retired heroes from all Worlds. After the retirement of a hero a new option for the hero transfer shows up on the "My Heroes" page. In order to transfer a hero to the Legends World you need to have an account there, which is assigned to the same mail address. If you don't have an account on the Legends World you can use the link that shows up during the process of hero transfer. ("If you do not yet have an account for Xenarthra, click here.")

Retired heroes can be transferred to the Legends World, where they meet up with all retired heroes from all Worlds. Retired heroes are no longer considered Premium heroes, even if they still have a premium class or race.

On the Legends World, you won’t be able to visit Dungeons or trade items, but you will be able to fight other Legends in duels. There is no item damage on this world, and to offer some new interesting possibilities, all EP in attributes or skills are completely variable. So you can easily try out new Skill combinations with your Legends. Since you already spent all of your gold on your residency, Skills will only cost EP and no gold. With no trade available you would run out of consumables pretty quickly, so all of them have unlimited uses on Xenarthra.


Any retired character from Xenarthra can rebirth once onto a new World. Rebirth heroes start with the same starting items, EP and gold as normal heroes, with the exception of an additional medal. They have another small advantage with the strengths and weaknesses they can choose based on their Legends Level, and there are some Dungeons or Items only available for rebirth heroes.

To rebirth your hero to another world you need to have an account with the same E-Mail address on the new world that you are already using on your first world.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Rebirthed heroes have a Legend Level that dictates a set number of points that can be spent in strengths and weaknesses. These are classified as follows:

primary (16)

neutral (12)

lesser (8)

Each of these requires a certain amount of points (the number in parenthesis is the base number). This means you have to spend 8, 12 or 16 points for a Strength and you will gain 8, 12 or 16 points for a weakness.

For each hero class, the point costs change according to their strengths and weakness’. The following table shows how many points it costs for different classes to spend on the strengths and weaknesses:

Rebirth strengths weaknesses.gif

To skill the strengths and weaknesses, the following rules apply:

  • Selecting a Strength costs points, selecting a Weakness will give you points.
  • A higher Legend Level will allow you to choose a Strength without the need to select a Weakness to get enough points.
  • A higher Legend Level will allow you to choose a Weakness in order to gain additional points to spend on strengths. You can at most double your Legend points with Weaknesses.
  • Any unused Legend Level points can be traded at a ratio of 1:1 for reset points (maximum of 7).
  • Strengths and Weaknesses cannot be reset with reset points.

Example: A newly rebirthed hero "inherits" a Legend Level of 16. They can select a "primary" strength right away without problems. They could also get another 16 points from weaknesses, and use the points created from those weaknesses to raise other strengths.

Strengths: Immense Strength Perfect Health Raise Charisma Implementation Quicken Arrow Creativity Helpful Paranoia Awakened Eagerness Child of Spirit Physical Endurance

Weaknesses: Weakness Mundane Lower Charisma Acquiescence Drowsiness Klutz Daydreamer Dunce Slowpoke Soul Shadow Slothful

Converting after rebirth

A rebirthed hero that converts later will receive the same Legend Level points to distribute again.

Example: The conversion itself follows the same process as with a regular hero. The points for the Legend Level can be spent in Strengths and Weaknesses again.

Multiple Rebirths

A hero that was rebirthed, then retired and rebirthed again, raises his Legend Level. The amount of Legend Level points will not add up, though. Only the points earned with the newest retired hero will be available to buy Strengths and Weaknesses.

Example: Hero 1 retires and rebirths as Hero 2, who has a Legend Level of 16. Hero 2 retires later on and rebirths as Hero 3, who has an additional Legend Level of 12. Hero 3 has a Legend Level of 28, but only has 12 new Legend Level points to spend.

The information from each retired and rebirthed hero is saved on the current rebirthed hero. This means, for example, that a barbarian that rebirthed from a retired mage will be able to see that information. ("This hero was rebirthed from the Legend known as: …")

Quick Guides

This section will provide step-by-step guides with all necessary steps for rebirthing a hero. Each of the processes can be cancelled up to the last step.

Retirement of a hero

  1. Choose all items you want to keep (see Rebirth - Items)
  2. Click on "Retire a hero." at the page "My Heroes"
  3. Choose the hero you want to retire.
  4. Click on "Retire [HeroName]"
  5. Check your hero details
  6. Click on "Retire [HeroName]" to finish

Sending a hero to Legend World

  1. Click on "Transfer a retired hero into the World of Legends" at the page "My Heroes"
  2. Choose the hero you want to send to the Legend World
  3. Enter account data of your Legend World account (see Rebirth - Legend World)
  4. Click "Finish"

Rebirth of a hero

  1. Click on "Rebirth a hero." at the page "My Heroes"
  2. Choose "Xenarthra" as world
  3. Enter username and passwort of your account on the Legend World
  4. Choose the hero you want to rebirth
  5. Choose your hero name, class and race
  6. Choose your strengths and weaknesses (see Rebirth -Strengths and Weaknesses)
  7. Click on "Create hero"
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