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Welcome to Ezantoh Encyclopedia. This Encyclopedia contains all the gathered information about the world of World of Dungeons. Both official maps for the Continent offer a first overview.

To The geographical map of Ezantoh

To The political map of Ezantoh

These maps are based on the information from the Academy Arcania in Ravenfort, the decision of the first empire council and the valued works from the great artist Aratorx.

The following chapters give a clearer view about the world. Like every scientific summary in the present day this encyclopedia is still unfinished. Many dark secrets remain hidden for brave heroes to discover.

Table of contents

Chapter I - The story of Enzatoh

Chapter II - The present Enzatoh

Chapter III - The Religion

Chapter IV - The Underworld

Chapter V - Personalities

Chapter VI - Flora and Fauna

Chapter VII - Bestiary

Chapter VIII - Heroes of the first era

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