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This section of the Ezantoh Encyclopedia contains information about the World of Gods collected from the holy "Book of Akbethâ€? in his original writing to Ravenfort. The human religion of Akbeth certainly contains the most information of all, but it is only summarily depicted here. The beliefs of the other races are still studied by theologians because the details of these faiths are unclear and to this day many of the origins remain hidden. Nevertheless the power from the Gods of Agia are obvious to all. It doesn’t matter which religion is followed, everyone knows of the power the creators of this world wield.

Part I - The Nemean religion

Part II - The Dinturan religion

Part III - The Woodlander religion

Part IV - The Aswadi religion

Part V - The Elvish religion

Part VI - The Dwarvish religion

Part VII - The Orcish religion

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