The Court

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The Court consists of a group of players that work together closely with the Game Admins. Of course they don't only PUNISH people, when they break the game-rules... The Court is also there for you, when you feel something bad happened to you, or when you need their help with legal matters.

Indeed, The Court isn't only a bunch of judges who catch cheaters and give them a ban. They're also there to help you, when someone steals items from you, when other people spam your inbox or when you have a reason to complain about someone.

  • Did someone in your group take items from the vault for personal use, that aren't theirs?
  • Did someone in your group go inactive, and you forgot to group-flag a valuable item when you sent it to him?
  • Did you lend someone an item, but that player went inactive?
  • Your group merchant has the group's gold, but went MIA?

The Court can help to sort things out in most cases! (If the items were sold by the thief, the items are lost, but victims are compensated for the value of these stolen items.)

If a friend of yours or a group-member quits the game and you want to take over his hero that would go inactive otherwise, then the court is there to help you ADOPT that hero through a hero-transfer!

You see, a court isn't all that bad, right? :)


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