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Manage your Heroes

  • Here you can switch your active character.
  • The list shows each hero's name, class, current level and status.
The character's name you actually control is printed in bold yellow letters.
Other active characters are printed in yellow, inactives are printed in red letters.

  • To switch active characters, click on the radio button in front of the hero you want to activate.
  • Click Ok to activate the hero.

  • To delete a hero, chose them and click on Delete. After that you'll have to confirm deletion.
  • To create a hero, click on Create a new hero (see also Creating a Hero)

Vacation Mode

If you`re going on holidays or you can`t get online a few days, it`s very useful to appoint another player to take care of your heroes for that period. The hero stays active and the vacation delegate is able to manage your items and settings. This is the only way of letting someone manage your heroes. All others (e.g. propagation of the password) are forbidden and will result in punishment (e.g. loss of fame).

  • Activate Vacation Mode:
    Below the list of your heroes, you have the option to choose vacation mode. Click OK to confirm.
    Now all your heroes are inactive. Click on choose next to the hero you want to assign and choose a player on the following page.
  • End Vacation Mode:
    Just select a hero with the radio button next to it and confirm with OK.
    To end as a vacation delegate, just click on the X next to the hero.

  • Non-Premium Account:
    1. You can only assign one hero for vacation mode.
    2. If the player doesn`t log in for 21 days, the account will be deleted. With vacation mode this period of time increases up to 56 days.
  • Premium Account:
    1. You can assign up to 2 heroes for vacation mode.
    2. As long as the premium account is active, the account won`t be deleted. The vacation mode will end after 56 days and the heroes turn will inactive.

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