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Common abbreviations used in World-Of-Dungeons

[B] Buying
[S] Selling
[S] Selling
[T] Trading
1H One-Handed (weapon)
2H Two-Handed (weapon)
AAoP Advanced Amulet of Power
AAoW Advanced Amulet of Weakness
Ab Aberon (World)
AB Armor bonus
Acc Account of a player which contains all the heros
AET Advanced Evasion Techniques (book for Scholars)
AG/Agi Agility
AH Apply Herbs
AoP Amulet of Power
AoW The Art of War (book for Scholars)
AR Attack roll
Ba Baradar (World)
BB Blunderbuss
Buff An action that strenghtens other group members
CA Skill: Captain
CC Close Combat aka Melee
CH/Cha Charisma
CO/Con Constitution
CT Skill: Cut-Throat
DB Dodge Blow
DE/DX/Dex Dexterity
Debuff An action that weakens enemies
def defensive
DEFS Defensive Sorcery (book for Scholars)
DD Damage Dealer
DM Dodge Missile
Dmg Damage
DS Double Shot / Skill: Double Strike / Defensive Sorcery (book for Scholars)
DW dual-wield
EP Experience points
ES Skill: Experimental Strength
FB Flame Blessing / Fireball
FM Skill: Field Marshall
FP Fixed Price
GL Group Leader
GM Group Merchant
GSoC Greater Song of Courage
GSoH Greater Song of Healing
GSoM Greater Song of Mockery
GS Group storage
HaD Over Hill and Dale (book for Scholars)
HP Hit Points
HL Hero Level
HoA Hail of Arrows (archer skill)
HR Hitpoint Regeneration
IN/Int Intelligence
Ini Initiative
irl in real life
KC Knife Combat
Lvl Level
MA Magic Attack
MC Melee Combat
MM Magic Missile
MP Mana points / Magical Potion
MR Main round / Manapoint Regeneration
NPC non-player character
Off offensive
OHaD Over Hill and Dale (book for Scholars)
PA Premium Account
PE/Per Perception
PH Preventive Healing
PM Protective Magic / Personal Message (under Tavern-->Messages)
PoW Poison Own Weapon
PP Projectile Protection (sheet for bards)
Push An action that strenghtens other group members
PR Pre-Round / Parry Roll
PW Poison Weapon / Password
qry Query = private chat
RC Ranged Combat
RH Roundhouse
RL Real-Life
RM Resist Magic
RP Reset Point
SA Social Attack
SL Scientific Lecture / Skill level (rank)
SoC Skill: Song of Courage
SoH Skill: Song of Healing
SoM Skill: Song of Mockery
SR Skill rank
ST/Str Strength
TTE! Skill: Time to Eat!
TM Skill: Transfer Mana
TV Treasure Vault
TW Use Throwing Weapons / Throwing Weapons
UMP Skill: Use Magical Potion
UOS Use Offensive Scrolls
US Skill: Use Shield
USS Use Supportive Scrolls
VD Vacation Delegation
WoP Skill: Words of Power
WI/WP/Wil Willpower
WoD Name of the game - World of Dungeons
WoW Words of Wisdom
Wpn Weapon
Xe Xenarthra (World)
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