World of Dungeons - Privacy Policy

We, the operator of World of Dungeons, acknowledge and respect your privacy. We feel that we are bound to data security laws.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you of our data security policies and measures. You will find information regarding what data is collected and saved, as well as how it is used here.

1 Which offers does this privacy policy apply to?

This privacy policy applies explicitly to the game: World of Dungeons.

If you elect to pay for services within World of Dungeons via a third party payment service such as Paypal or other service, this policy does NOT apply to the third party payment service organizations.

In addition, there are links to external websites within this game. This privacy policy does NOT apply to these external web sites.

2 Which information is acquired and how is it used?

In this privacy policy is designed to inform you of which personal data, financial data, player and player data is acquired and how it is used.

2.1 Personal Data

Personal data is unique information pertaining to yourself. When you register at World of Dungeons, you enter your email address and a player name (pseudonym) of your choice. Your password is digitally encrypted and saved. This data, as well as your time zone, can be accessed and modified under Account → Settings. From time to time, your email address is used to inform you as a player about updates in game (if you have agreed to this), or to inform you of changes to legal information such as changes to the Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to receive notifications, you are able to set this option under Account → Settings.

When contacting us (e.g. via contact form, e-mail, telephone or social media) your contact request details will be processed in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. b GDPR. Your data may be stored in a customer relationship management system ("CRM system") or comparable inquiry system.

We delete the requests if they are no longer required. We review this requirement every two years; the statutory archiving obligations also apply.

2.2 Financial Data

Depending on the country, payments are processed by Digistore24 GmbH, St.-Godehard-Straße 32, 31139 Hildesheim or PayPal (Europe) Sàrl. et Cie, S.C.A, 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449 Luxembourg. We therefore only store a transaction number, which can be used to check the payment. No personal data will be transferred to Digistore24 or PayPal during payment, but Digistore24 or PayPal will collect and store data themselves (see or

2.3 Player Data

Player data refers to your heroes (characters in game) information. This includes the hero name, attributes, skills, and equipment. It also includes logs of which battles have been fought by your hero, and which opponents may or may not have been struck down. This data is only saved until the player account is deleted. Statistical data regarding battles and purchases on the market are saved independently with no reference to your hero. You have access to such information by accessing Hero → Attributes, Hero → Skills or Hero → My hero in game. A portion of the data is kept from public knowledge, as it is critical for the existence of the game. If all data were openly available, World of Dungeons would be an extremely boring game.

2.4 Usage Data

Usage data is acquired through usage of the web site, for example page views or the browser type being used to access the services. On every log in, the IP address* and browser type are saved in addition to the time of the login. It is crucial to collect this information in order to prevent the creation of unauthorized multiple accounts (called Multi accounts) in World of Dungeons. This ensures the balance in game is not tampered with and allows for fair gameplay for all.

3 Who is the data passed on to?

If you make use of a service for a fee, the order number will be transmitted to Digistore24 or PayPal. This is required for payment processing.

4 Information regarding cookies

So called cookies are used to make recognizing returning players simpler. These cookies are small text based files that are saved by your own internet browser. If you open the web site again, these cookies pass information about your previous visit to the site. An automatic login can only take place if you have selected to save the cookies. This information is only used for optimizing the access to World of Dungeons.

Saving cookies on your computer can be prevented by explicitly selecting to not accept cookies in the settings of the browser of your choice. Even though World of Dungeons is designed to work without cookies, the absence of these could have an unexpected effect on the functionality of the service when you use it.

5 Privacy Protection for children

Here at World of Dungeons we believe that the privacy of children should be protected! We call upon all parents and parental guardians to accompany their children while they are on the internet! We do not knowingly collect information from children under 13 years of age. The services offered by World of Dungeons are not offered to anyone under 13 years of age.

6 Changes to the Privacy Policy

Under the circumstance that the privacy policy chances, we will update this document and the time stamp located at the bottom. Additionally, we will announce the information regarding the change on the main page of World of Dungeons. This will make it possible to view which data is being collected online and how it is being used at any time.

7 Information

To obtain additional information about the personal data saved, log in to World of Dungeons and select Account → Settings. You are also welcome to contact us over the contact form at any time. Further contact information can be found in our imprint .

8 Deletion

To delete your personal data stored at World of Dungeons, please choose Account → Settings and then "Delete account" from the main menu within World of Dungeons.

Last changed May 24th, 2018

* An IP Address is used to identify a computer, a mobile phone, or other hardware within a TCP/IP Network. TCP/IP is the abbreviation for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The internet is a network that uses this protocol. The IP is what makes the exchange of data and the usage of the services offered by World of Dungeons at all.