skill Snakes Trance

skill description
Snakes Trance

The shaman uses this skill to set their companions into a trance to awaken new vigor in them.

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secondary skill for:

Shaman (level 17)
type buff
may be used in pre round / -
targetone team member
Mana points cost 7
item materials of nature (optional)
skill class Way of the Snake
designed by herbert_

Repeated use of this skill will not affect your target if they still bear an effect resulting from this skill regardless of the source.

Effect on those affected by this skill

These bonuses and malus only work when the hero uses this skill.

Attribute bonus

Attribute Modifier Duration Comment
actions per round -999 until the end of the level  
Hit points +75% of your skill rank unlimited  
healing hit points +2 x skill rank 4 rounds  

Defense bonus

Attack Type Modifier Duration Comment
melee -10% until the end of the level  
ranged -10% until the end of the level  

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