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This short sword is the main sword of the elite regiment of the Shining Guard in the Imperial Army of the Temple of the High Priest of Ellu Yddad. Renowned for their chivalrous nature and strict religious oaths, many of these members are not only rigorously skilled in the art of swordsmanship but usually prevalents in high social positions as well.

The sword has a highly decorative and ornate sturdy guard to reflect the elite stature of the regiment and to enable effective defensive measures in combat. The blade is characterized by its two cutting edges which turn to be notched in the direction of its base. This, along with the well balanced hilt, enables the warriors with fast and seamless swings of the blade.

Sadly though, the two cutting sides of the blade and the ornamentations act weakening to the sturdiness and combined with the defensive nature of the swords it usually means that they wear out at a faster rate than normal. But in truth the members of the Shining Guard attack more with their wits and tongue then by sword alone."

based on an idea by Zeldic, thank you.


Remarks may be grafted 3x
hero classes only for
  • Knight
  • Paladin
race every race may use this item
requirements no
hit points 20
value 327
unique unique in group
uses left unlimited
uses per dungeon unlimited
uses per fight unlimited
effect level 9.0
needs -
location right hand
item class
including bonuses
close combat weapons
Enchanting: All
Enchanting: Weapons
including bonuses
Double Strike (+0/-25%)
designed by 2xMachina