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Skill Description

Some heroes have a natural resistance to sickness. While those around them are afflicted with all manners of ailments, they do not even show symptoms of any sort.

secondary skill for: Hill Dwarf (min lvl. 1) Kerasi (min lvl. 1)
exceptional skill for: Dinturan (min lvl. 1) Halfling (min lvl. 1)

type improvement
preliminary round no
target Self
Max. opponents affected
Max. characters affected
mana cost
item -
attack type
skill class -

Effect on heroes with this skill

These bonuses and malus are effective when the hero has reached at least rank 1 in this skill (unless otherwise specified).

Armor Bonus
Damage Type Attack Type Armor (r)
{{{Armor12}}} {{{Armor13}}}
{{{Armor22}}} {{{Armor23}}}
{{{Armor32}}} {{{Armor33}}}
{{{Armor42}}} {{{Armor43}}}
{{{Armor52}}} {{{Armor53}}}
{{{Armor62}}} {{{Armor63}}}
{{{Armor72}}} {{{Armor73}}}
{{{Armor82}}} {{{Armor83}}}
{{{Armor92}}} {{{Armor93}}}
{{{Armor102}}} {{{Armor103}}}

(r) with normal / good / critical hits

Damage bonus
Damage Type Attack Type Damage Bonus (r)
{{{Damage12}}} {{{Damage13}}}
{{{Damage22}}} {{{Damage23}}}
{{{Damage32}}} {{{Damage33}}}
{{{Damage42}}} {{{Damage43}}}
{{{Damage52}}} {{{Damage53}}}
{{{Damage62}}} {{{Damage63}}}
{{{Damage72}}} {{{Damage73}}}
{{{Damage82}}} {{{Damage83}}}
{{{Damage92}}} {{{Damage93}}}
{{{Damage102}}} {{{Damage103}}}

(r) with normal / good / critical hits
(z) additionally - when damage of this type is dealt

Attribute bonus
Attribute Modifier

Bonus on the level of the skill
Skill Modifier

Bonus for the effect of the skill
Skill Modifier

Attack bonnus
Attack type Modifier

Defense bonus
Attack type Modifier
Disease +125% of your skill rank

General Infos

This skill will give a passive bonus too the hero's defense against disease.

Push by Items:

For example:

Push by Skills:


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