Skill - Detect Traps

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Skill Description
Detect Traps

This skill assists the hero in spotting traps to help their companions avoid them.

basic skill for: Hunter (min lvl. 3)
secondary skill for: Archer (min lvl. 4)
exceptional skill for: Juggler (min lvl. 4) Scholar (min lvl. 7)

type improvement
preliminary round yes
target all members at one position
Max. opponents affected
Max. characters affected 1 +34% of your hero`s level
mana cost 1
item -
attack type
skill class -

Effect on those affected by this skill

These bonuses and malus only work when the hero uses this skill.

Armor Bonus
Damage Type Attack Type Armor (r) Duration Comment
{{{Armor12}}} {{{Armor13}}} {{{Armor14}}} {{{Armor15}}}
{{{Armor22}}} {{{Armor23}}} {{{Armor24}}} {{{Armor25}}}
{{{Armor32}}} {{{Armor33}}} {{{Armor34}}} {{{Armor35}}}
{{{Armor42}}} {{{Armor43}}} {{{Armor44}}} {{{Armor45}}}
{{{Armor52}}} {{{Armor53}}} {{{Armor54}}} {{{Armor55}}}
{{{Armor62}}} {{{Armor63}}} {{{Armor64}}} {{{Armor65}}}
{{{Armor72}}} {{{Armor73}}} {{{Armor74}}} {{{Armor75}}}
{{{Armor82}}} {{{Armor83}}} {{{Armor84}}} {{{Armor85}}}
{{{Armor92}}} {{{Armor93}}} {{{Armor94}}} {{{Armor95}}}
{{{Armor102}}} {{{Armor103}}} {{{Armor104}}} {{{Armor105}}}

(r) with normal / good / critical hits

Damage bonus
Damage Type Attack Type Damage Bonus (r) Duration Comment
{{{Damage12}}} {{{Damage13}}} {{{Damage14}}} {{{Damage15}}}
{{{Damage22}}} {{{Damage23}}} {{{Damage24}}} {{{Damage25}}}
{{{Damage32}}} {{{Damage33}}} {{{Damage34}}} {{{Damage35}}}
{{{Damage42}}} {{{Damage43}}} {{{Damage44}}} {{{Damage45}}}
{{{Damage52}}} {{{Damage53}}} {{{Damage54}}} {{{Damage55}}}
{{{Damage62}}} {{{Damage63}}} {{{Damage64}}} {{{Damage65}}}
{{{Damage72}}} {{{Damage73}}} {{{Damage74}}} {{{Damage75}}}
{{{Damage82}}} {{{Damage83}}} {{{Damage84}}} {{{Damage85}}}
{{{Damage92}}} {{{Damage93}}} {{{Damage94}}} {{{Damage95}}}
{{{Damage102}}} {{{Damage103}}} {{{Damage104}}} {{{Damage105}}}

(r) is added upon normal / good / critical hits as an additional effect to the weapon used.

Attribute bonus
Attribute Modifier Duration Comment
{{{Attribute12}}} {{{Attribute13}}} {{{Attribute14}}}
{{{Attribute22}}} {{{Attribute23}}} {{{Attribute24}}}
{{{Attribute32}}} {{{Attribute33}}} {{{Attribute34}}}
{{{Attribute42}}} {{{Attribute43}}} {{{Attribute44}}}
{{{Attribute52}}} {{{Attribute53}}} {{{Attribute54}}}
{{{Attribute62}}} {{{Attribute63}}} {{{Attribute64}}}
{{{Attribute72}}} {{{Attribute73}}} {{{Attribute74}}}
{{{Attribute82}}} {{{Attribute83}}} {{{Attribute84}}}
{{{Attribute92}}} {{{Attribute93}}} {{{Attribute94}}}
{{{Attribute102}}} {{{Attribute103}}} {{{Attribute104}}}

Bonus on the level of the skill
Skill Modifier Duration Comment
{{{Skill12}}} {{{Skill13}}} {{{Skill14}}}
{{{Skill22}}} {{{Skill23}}} {{{Skill24}}}
{{{Skill32}}} {{{Skill33}}} {{{Skill34}}}
{{{Skill42}}} {{{Skill43}}} {{{Skill44}}}
{{{Skill52}}} {{{Skill53}}} {{{Skill54}}}
{{{Skill62}}} {{{Skill63}}} {{{Skill64}}}
{{{Skill72}}} {{{Skill73}}} {{{Skill74}}}
{{{Skill82}}} {{{Skill83}}} {{{Skill84}}}
{{{Skill92}}} {{{Skill93}}} {{{Skill94}}}
{{{Skill102}}} {{{Skill103}}} {{{Skill104}}}

Bonus for the effect of the skill
Skill Modifier Duration Comment
{{{Effect12}}} {{{Effect13}}} {{{Effect14}}}
{{{Effect22}}} {{{Effect23}}} {{{Effect24}}}
{{{Effect32}}} {{{Effect33}}} {{{Effect34}}}
{{{Effect42}}} {{{Effect43}}} {{{Effect44}}}
{{{Effect52}}} {{{Effect53}}} {{{Effect54}}}
{{{Effect62}}} {{{Effect63}}} {{{Effect64}}}
{{{Effect72}}} {{{Effect73}}} {{{Effect74}}}
{{{Effect82}}} {{{Effect83}}} {{{Effect84}}}
{{{Effect92}}} {{{Effect93}}} {{{Effect94}}}
{{{Effect102}}} {{{Effect103}}} {{{Effect104}}}

Attack bonnus
Attack type Modifier Duration Comment
{{{Attack12}}} {{{Attack13}}} {{{Attack14}}}
{{{Attack22}}} {{{Attack23}}} {{{Attack24}}}
{{{Attack32}}} {{{Attack33}}} {{{Attack34}}}
{{{Attack42}}} {{{Attack43}}} {{{Attack44}}}
{{{Attack52}}} {{{Attack53}}} {{{Attack54}}}
{{{Attack62}}} {{{Attack63}}} {{{Attack64}}}
{{{Attack72}}} {{{Attack73}}} {{{Attack74}}}
{{{Attack82}}} {{{Attack83}}} {{{Attack84}}}
{{{Attack92}}} {{{Attack93}}} {{{Attack94}}}
{{{Attack102}}} {{{Attack103}}} {{{Attack104}}}

Defense bonus
Attack type Modifier Duration Comment
trap +2 x skill rank 2 rounds
{{{Defense22}}} {{{Defense23}}} {{{Defense24}}}
{{{Defense32}}} {{{Defense33}}} {{{Defense34}}}
{{{Defense42}}} {{{Defense43}}} {{{Defense44}}}
{{{Defense52}}} {{{Defense53}}} {{{Defense54}}}
{{{Defense62}}} {{{Defense63}}} {{{Defense64}}}
{{{Defense72}}} {{{Defense73}}} {{{Defense74}}}
{{{Defense82}}} {{{Defense83}}} {{{Defense84}}}
{{{Defense92}}} {{{Defense93}}} {{{Defense94}}}
{{{Defense102}}} {{{Defense103}}} {{{Defense104}}}
{{{Defense112}}} {{{Defense113}}} {{{Defense114}}}
{{{Defense122}}} {{{Defense123}}} {{{Defense124}}}
{{{Defense132}}} {{{Defense133}}} {{{Defense134}}}
{{{Defense142}}} {{{Defense143}}} {{{Defense144}}}
{{{Defense152}}} {{{Defense153}}} {{{Defense154}}}

General Infos

This skill will raise the defense rolls vs. traps (if you are affected with it.)

Push by Items:

For example:

Push by Skills:


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