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Library subsection of navigation contains links to numerous pages containing tons of information about the world you are playing on and the game in general.


Forums for advice and help

Forums for advice and help takes you to the The University subsection of the see Forum. This subsection of the forum contains a large number of articles about all aspects of the game (skills, items, dungeons, etc....) and is a good place for asking questions about the game and game-related discussions. Before asking questions, you might also want to see if your question has allready been answered in previous topics and the Frequently asked questions (FAQ). This forum also holds the Ministry of Information (MoI), which is a vast compilation of knowledge of the effects of items such as poisons, herbs, minerals... Players keep this list up-to-date and perhaps you can add a thing or two yourself?

Frequently asked questions

Look in this subsection of the The University forum before asking any questions. In addition, answers can be found in the encyclopedia of knowledge.

FAQ discussions

Subsection of the The University forum, where one can suggest improvements to the frequently asked questions forum.

General questions

Subsection of the The University forum, where you can ask and answer questions about the game that are not yet covered in the frequently asked questions.

Skill questions

Subsection of the The University forum, where you can ask and answer questions regarding skills and talents.

Item questions

Subsection of the The University forum, where you can ask and answer questions regarding any of the items found in the game (weapons, armor, consumables, etc...).

Ministry of Information

Subsection of the The University forum, containing vast compilation of knowledge of the effects of various items such as poisons, herbs, minerals. Here you can look up effects of an unknown items, as well as post effects of items you found out yourself.


Encyclopedia opens a large and great encyclopedia about WoD in a new browser window/tab.

These wiki pages contain articles about everything you ever wanted to know about this game. It is meant to provide game guides, background information, explanations of interface, in-game institutions (like The Court), monsters, ...


The Heroes subsection of Encyclopedia contains descriptions of all classes and races available for playing, all the attributes that hero has, a list of skills the hero can train and some basic info about equipment usage and description.


The Gameplay subsection of Encyclopedia contains introductory articles (tutorials) about playing this game and explains all the navigation options available while playing. It has an entry about groups (which are one of the most important aspects of the gameplay, as good and organized group is a must for success), an entry which explains how to best conquer dungeons and configure your hero/group to conquer them, explanation of the combat system used in games, as well as trading/selling system and hero rebirth.

The world of World of Dungeons

The world of World of Dungeons subsection of Encyclopedia contains background information about the world of WOD, such as WOD religions, the world map, a list of all the opponents (be it a beast or a warrior) you will find while exploring dungeons, etc...


The Collosseum subsection of Encyclopedia contains information about the Collosseum. It is a place where heroes, groups and clans can fight each other in order to test their strength, tactics and planning, all in order to find out who is the best of the best.


The Miscellaneous subsection of Encyclopedia contains various miscelaneous articles like the FAQ, fan-pages, list of abbreviations, etc... One of the most important articles here is about The Court, which keeps players abide various rules so we can all enjoy playing this game.


FAQ opens the Frequently Asked Questions article which is located in the Encyclopedia. This article contains basic information about the game for new players.

Classes and races

Classes and races opens a page with the list of all classes and races available to play in the game, and a link to those classes and races to see their details. In addition, whether a premium account is requirement, is also indicated for each class and race.

Title list

Title list opens a page containing a table of all titles available to each class and/or race in the game, together with the fame requirement to reach them. In addition you can choose wether to display titles for male or female heroes.

Fame can be earned by exploring dungeons, dueling, as well as donating to the beggars and spreading the word about World of Dungeons (by voting for it on some sites or adding banners on your site). When a hero reaches the fame requirement for new title, he will be notified of that and will be able to choose among all the available titles. In addition to receiving title, heroes also receives a medal which give small boni to the player, when worn.

Training cost

Training cost opens a page, containing a table with the amount of experience points needed for each level, attribute (i.e. Dexterity) and/or skill (i.e. Dodge Blow). The total cost to reach certain levels as well as the cost to advance for one level is displayed.

Skills are divided into primary, secondary, exceptional and class skills, depending on the hero's class and race. A hero isn't that good in his exceptions skills as he is his primary ones, so they are very hard to train (expensive both in required experience as well as gold). This, of course, makes sense, as a skinny Elven Magician wouldn't be as fit for Melee-combat as well as a strong Dwarven Barbarian would be.

A Class skill (commonly refered to as talent) is a special skill, that is part of the specialization of the hero. Each class has the choice between three specialisations (paths), once they reach level 21. The will gain 3 talents, which will be available when the hero reaches level 23, 26 and 29.

Master ranks

Master ranks opens a page containing a table of master ranks depending on the hero level. The master rank indicates the level of a skill, after which you cannot decrease it for free, without the use of a reset point.

For example: When you are level 15 (falls under 10-19) and have a Secondary skill leveled to 7, you can completely reset it back to lvl 0 for free, in case you no longer want to use that skill. If you have the skill at level 8, however, it would cost you a Reset Point to lower the skill. Each hero starts out with 3 Reset Points, and gains an extra point, for every 3 levels he goes up. In addition, Reset Points can also be bought seperately, with real life money.


The Smileys page opens a table, showing all the smileys (and other small sprites) that can be used while messageing with other players or writing posts in the forum. Each available smiley/image is displayed together with the code you need to write, in order to embed it in your message/post.


Finances opens a page showing the current statistical overview of the world. Johannes Quercus, imperial Magus Financius, makes his bulletin every day. This bulletin contains:

  • number of heroes/citizens in the world
  • total amount of gold
  • average amount of gold per hero/citizen
  • amount of gold looted from the dungeons on the current day
  • average amount of gold looted from the dungeons for the current day per hero/citizen
  • sum of levels of all heroes
  • average level
  • average amount of gold per hero level

The list is followed by the pillage-forecast for dungeon-raids on the current day.

In addition, the current tax deducted from all transactions is displayed underneath, as well as the price of training session in the Academy (the amouth of gold needed to advance that skill is calculated by dividing this price by 100 and multiplying it by the amount of experience needed).

List of dungeons

List of dungeons opens a table, containing a list of all dungeons in this game. This list can be used to see which dungeons you will be able to face when you level up. The following information is displayed for each dungeon:

  • dungeon name
  • suggested 'from-to' level
  • available 'from' level
  • available 'to' level
  • next date available - for appointment dungeons only, standard dungeons display always available
  • repeat (or appointment frequency) - number of days between subsequent availability of appointment dungeon

The list can be sorted ascending or descending on each table column and searched with some filters at the bottom.

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