Bazaar - Beggars and Charities

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There can be sad times in a hero's life when he is so hungry his stomach aches and he is left with no other exit but to kneel down and beg, no matter how disgraceful begging might be. Fortunately there are also times when his purse and cellar are full and at those times he can remember the bad days and donate some of his collected treasures to the less fortunate ones.

Please be generous

While listening to the pleas of the beggars on the street, you decide to donate some of your waste treasures to the less fortunate ones. The fame about generous heroes will soon spread around the world.

It is not know how much fame you can earn by donating, but rumour says you gain 33 fame by donating 1000 gold. But after all, you're not doing it to earn Fame now, do you? It's to help those poor beggars out!

You see the beggars on their knees along the streets!

Do you wish to kneel beside them and beg? While listening to the grumbling inside your belly you bow your head and kneel alongside other beggars in a disgraceful effort to earn some needed gold.

It is not known how much fame you loose by begging but rumour says you'll lose 10 :fame: for every 5 :gold: some gallant hero gives to you. You should be ashamed of yourself...

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