skill Precise Fencing Strike

skill description
Precise Fencing Strike

The hero with this skill is able to use their fencing weapon to execute a precise attack against their opponent. This causes much more damage when successful.

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secondary skill for:

Drifter (level 11)
type attack
may be used - / in round
targetone enemy
Mana points cost 2
item fencing weapon
attack typemelee
attackag,dx (+0)
damagepe,in (+0)
skill class Close Combat
designed by herbert_

Effect on heroes with this skill

These bonuses and malus are effective when the hero has reached at least level 1 in this skill. (unless otherwise specified).

Damage bonus

Damage Type Attack Type Damage Bonus (r)
cutting damage melee (a) -20% / +20% / +110% (z)
piercing damage melee (a) -20% / +20% / +110% (z)
(r) is added upon normal / good / critical hits as an additional effect to the weapon used.
(a) the penalty or bonus are active while the skill is used during pre-rounds, rounds, or while defending.
(z) additionally - when damage of this type is dealt

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