skill Insidious Manoeuvre

skill description
Insidious Manoeuvre

This skill enables a character to evade an enemy and sneak into a position behind him.
If he succeeds against all opponents present he can attack from behind.

A character will not use this skill if already attacking from behind.

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foreign skill for:

Drifter (level 12)
type debuff
may be used - / in round
targetall enemies
Max. opponents affected all
Mana points cost -
item fencing equipment (optional)
attack typeambush
skill class Maneuver
designed by herbert_

Repeated use of this skill will not affect your target if they still bear an effect resulting from this skill regardless of the source.

Effect on heroes with this skill

These bonuses and malus are effective when the hero has reached at least level 1 in this skill. (unless otherwise specified).

Defense bonus

Attack Type Modifier
ambush +75% of your skill rank

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