skill Boastful Manner

skill description
Boastful Manner

The hero is so full of confidence that those around them feel it as well.

CAUTION when raising this skill:

The skill will be influenced by the direction (pirate or nobleman) that you choose to follow. At level 11, the drifter is able to choose either In the name of the Father or Under Black Flag in order to set their path. The choice will have an effect on this skill.

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primary skill for:

Drifter (level 5)
type debuff
may be used - / in round
targetall enemies
Max. opponents affected 1 +20% of your hero`s level
Mana points cost 1
item heirlooms (optional)
attack typesocial
skill class -
designed by herbert_

Repeated use of this skill will not affect your target if they still bear an effect resulting from this skill regardless of the source.

Effect on heroes with this skill

These bonuses and malus are effective when the hero has reached at least level 1 in this skill. (unless otherwise specified).

Bonus for the level of the skill

Skill Modifier
Intimidation +17% of your skill rank

Defense bonus

Attack Type Modifier
social +2 +50% of your skill rank

Effect on those affected by this skill

These bonuses and malus only work when the hero uses this skill.

Attribute bonus

Attribute Modifier Duration Comment
Initiative -3 -34% of your skill rank 2 rounds  

Defense bonus

Attack Type Modifier Duration Comment
melee -skill rank 2 rounds  

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