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Purpose of the Netiquette

The netiquette should serve as a guideline to ensure that all players experience fair gameplay and have fun in World-of-Dungeons. Failure to comply with the netiquette can result in a penalty consisting of a loss of fame. Intentional breaches or repeated disregard for the netiquette can result in a ban.

For the official Terms and Conditions, please see Terms and Condition

Common Courtesy

Treat your fellow players with courtesy and respect.

Insults of race, religious or ethnic beliefs, heritage, as well as sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

Pornographic content including, but not limited to, images or texts will not be tolerated.

The intentional misrepresentation of another player in order to damage their reputation will be classed as libel and slander, and will not be tolerated.

If you have a case that you feel should be brought before the courts of World-of-Dungeons, please post it in the Court forum, but be aware that false accusations will also be punished.

Additional rules in specific forums

Certain forums may contain additional rules. Please check for these within the forum in question as a sticky post. In general, these rules are also to be treated as authorized by the netiquette.

Any questions regarding these rules can be cleared up with a message to the administration.


All types of spam and unsolicited mails, mass mails, and advertisement is unauthorized and will be dealt with accordingly.

Scripts, bots, and other automated tools

The usage of scripts, bots or other automated tools to access the World-of-Dungeons sites are strictly forbidden. These stress the performance and resources of the server unnecessarily.

These include, but are not limited to: automated login scripts, auction scripts and market scripts.

The accounts linked to this type of infringement will be punished severely.

Multi Accounts, Sitting, Farming

Each player is allowed to have one account on each world. For example, you may have an account on Aberon, as well as a single account on another .net or .de world. This is not considered multi usage. Having 2 accounts on a single world is considered multi usage and is expressly forbidden in the Terms and Conditions.

Players wishing to have 2 heroes active at the same time may purchase a premium account at a fair price. Look under Account -> Premium Account for more information regarding the details and prices for your region.

Players may let other players delegate their matters in their absence through the use of the vacation mode. Please be reminded that no player may pass their account name and password to another player. This is also explained in detail in the Terms and Conditions of World-of-Dungeons.

Please remember that if you are accessing the game from a public or private network, you will need to enter your account name in the "users in an interconnected system" threads in the forum. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the flagging of the player's account as a multi, and will lead to a ban and/or severe penalty. See the rules regarding this in the forum World Of Dungeons -> Court -> (your active world) - users in an interconnected system.

Farming is the usage of accounts with the intent to hoard gold and items to transfer to another player. Most farmers are multi accounts, which in itself is an offense. Farming will be sentenced with a severe penalty in game.

Duel pushing

Duel pushing is defined as using the duel functions as a fraudulent means of obtaining experience, fame, and gold. This is expressly forbidden and will be dealt with through loss of the fraudulently obtained gold, experience, and fame as well as an additional penalty.

Tampering duel outcomes through prior discussions also falls under penalty of duel pushing. Example:" I will let your juggler duel my priest in return for gold or items " would be a classic example of fixing a duel.

Group storage and treasure vault theft

It is forbidden to take items without returning them against the will of other group members.

The best way to avoid any misunderstandings is to explicitly post some basic rules in your group forum.


Items that a player has brought with them to a group may also be taken by that player. Hero unique items that a player leaving a group has found may usually be taken by that player, as that player can no longer find that item.

Group unique items that were found by the group, regardless of by which hero, should stay within the group in the event a member leaves the group.

Clan unique items that were found by the group, regardless of by which hero, should stay within the clan in the event the member leaves the clan.

Taking items and then leaving a group is punishable in the court forums. Each item you take is tracked by the server, and we are also capable of letting you know when and who found a particular item.

We encourage the players involved in this type of issue to cooperate with each other for a peaceful resolution of the problem before posting in the court forum.

Accepting stolen goods

The sale or trade of stolen items will be severely penalized. The player or players who have received stolen goods will be expected to return them to their rightful owners.

Bug usage

Bugs, exploits or mis-use of game mechanics to gain an advantage will be serverely dealt with.

If you find a Bug please report it immediately in the Bugs forum. Exceptionally urgent bugs can be mailed to

Using any of the above to your advantage will result in a penalty that can range from loss of EP/Gold/Fame, reduction of skills or attributes, or a ban.

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