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Akbeth is one of the elder gods and the leader of the Nemean pantheon and also the father of Noran, Nal, and Sastra. It’s a common habit to merely call Akbeth ‘the father’ and he is rightfully the father figure of many mortals in Nemea. He is the master of magic and special patron to all magic users.

Akbeth is usually depicted as an elderly borderlander with long white hair, wearing golden robes bearing a sun, playing into the role of the established fatherly figure. He prefers to watch the world from above without interacting with it much. Those able to invoke his blessings though, know that there are terrible amounts of raw, scorching power behind the seemingly dormant old god. While he is usually a very benevolent god, he is a bit prideful of his past achievements and current position. That pride is sometimes passed to his devout followers, and it’s generally misunderstood as hollow arrogance by others.

His chosen symbol is fittingly that of the sun, both offering illumination in knowledge and the guidance of light and warmth during the day.

Part of The Nemean religion

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